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  1. Meet Mathilda

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    Mathilda Peach arrived on February 27th this year. She was born on her exact due date. She?s still exactly that precise... except about her diapers. She shits her pants and happily sits in it for ages, until one of us smells it. She?s pretty talkative and likes to both mimic and be mimicked. She?s absolutely so silly. And she?s been so easy, too. The first two months were awful because she only wanted me and I was awfully sick. But, she?s been sleeping through ...
  2. Let me at the Truth

    Blogging right now is legitimately the worst idea ever. I'm so tired. I feel like I've walked to Narnia and back...but I'm depressed because I haven't actually gone anywhere. Still. No one has blogged in a good long while, so I feel it's my duty to revive this section.

    Since my blogging has been almost exclusively about my trips, but I accidentally reflected on my last trip, instead...I'll just tell you about The Ryman.

    So. For those of you who are unaware, The Ryman ...

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  3. It's been a long time since I've seen your smiling face.

    I'm getting antsy. It's been almost a month since I went anywhere. Even that was an insanely short trip. I was, literally, in Chicago for not much longer than 30 hours. It was fun. The concert was good and the people were awesome and beautiful. But it wasn't enough. Plus, the drive to Chicago is tragic. For real.

    The good news is that in about two weeks, I'll hit the road, again, for a couple days. Granted, it's kind of a fucked up schedule. Wednesday night, I'm heading up ...

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  4. Is This Real Life?

    ...Or is this just fantasy?

    You know, I never much fancied myself to be a "cool" person. No. Even when I was being a huge jerk in high school and making fun of some people, I was still well aware just how far from cool I was myself. Or, even in the last year... I've not thought I was cool. I thought a lot of really cool things happened to me. But I didn't necessarily think it was any indication of my own personal amount of coolness. I've pretty much thought of myself ...

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  5. I Heart Music City

    There's no other way to day it-I freaking love it. If there were T-Shirts like the "I Heart NY" ones that said, "I Heart Nashville," I would buy one for every day of the week! ...Fine. I wouldn't. I'm too hipster for that shit. But I would at least buy one in v-neck form and hopefully clingy and then wear it with skinny jeans and my red Chucks. I love that city enough for at least that.

    Here are the highlights from my rocket trip to Nashville:
    -Music ...
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