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  1. night faerie's Avatar
    She is stunning, Fizz. Enjoy every moment.
  2. Mike's Avatar
    Hello Mathilda!
    Enjoy the love, AquaFizz
  3. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Nice video! If they ever make their way over here, you'll have to climb into an instrument case and tag along
  4. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    The blog. And I'm not sure where you might see me. I chose to follow publicly, so it should be there somewhere. Never really took the time to figure out the details of blogspot, but... If you find me there, you should be able to visit my blog to -of course, to you it will be pretty much jibberish as it's in norwegian, but you're welcome to try!
  5. AquaFizz's Avatar
    Wait! My blog or my twitter?! I don't see you! Where are you?! I want to follow you, too!
  6. Eyreplenh's Avatar

    Of, and if audiodaughter has aquired a mysterious new follower, it's just me
  7. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Hi5 for having fun! Keep it up
  8. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Shouldn't that be Buh-FREAKNIK-Bye? Or is that Atlanta?

    Impressive packing there, travellah. Of course, I, king of the carry-on, could outpack you, but I guess that is mostly because I am a guy, hehe... Have a blast
  9. Mike's Avatar
    Buh-FREAKIN-Bye! ~sniffs~
  10. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    In my experience, bringing school books on trips are just extra weight in your backpack and they never, ever get opened. In stead, they get moist and sticky from the tropical climate/the exploded bottle of rum/the incident

    Yeah... have a most awesballsy trip!
  11. AquaFizz's Avatar
    Do it!!! I think even just ducking out for a weekend is really a nice breather and will help you feel better about school. Just drag your books along. You always end up with an hour or two of waiting when you can study a bit. This time, I plan on doing my french homework at Cafe Du Monde.
  12. sir archely's Avatar
    Very jealous of the road trip fizz. I'm staring down the barrel of a solid month of nonstop work to finish out the semester. Randomly deciding to blow it all off to drive to a few concerts sounds like a great idea. ~sigh~
  13. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Yay for smiles
  14. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Sounds like you have been living the dream the last weeks, huh? A part from the whole bonnarroo thing I mean

    Doing a much better job at loving music than me at the moment as well, I think, but... At least I have a couple of recommendations for you, and I can almost guarantee you'll like both of them. Janelle Monaes album The ArchAndroid is simply spectacular, she mixes so many styles and is so cool I'm simply baffled

    The Morning Benders' The Big Echo is a lowkey and plain good pop/indie album. Go ahead, check them out. I know you want to
  15. AquaFizz's Avatar
    PPS-(Since i can't figure out how to edit my blog) New Profile Picture! This time I'm with Ben (M&S...again).
  16. night faerie's Avatar
    Tip#1: Go to Michaels craft store, they have tubes with 15 glow bracelets for $1. Get 5 tubes or so. Crack the bracelets & loop them around the lines staking your tent down. This way drunk/high people stumbling blindly through the night trying to find their tents won't inadvertently stumble into your tent and take it down. Also makes it easier to find your tent in the dark.

    Tip #2: Also, invest in some tent seam sealer & pre-treat the seams on the tent before you leave. Will help to waterproof the tent. One treatment will last about a year.

    Tip #3: Oh, and you can never have too many tarps. Be sure to put one under your tent with the edges about an inch or two UNDER the tent. If the tarp peeks out from under the tent, it will collect water if it rains and trap the water between the tarp & the bottom of your tent & your tent will be wet & uncomfortable.

    Tip #4: Bring 4 heavy stones/rocks. These are good for extra weight in the corners of your tent in case of really bad storms AND double for hammers to hammer your stakes into the ground (at angles, never straight in).

    I could go on but I think that's enough for today. I'm so happy for you that you're going, wish I could be a faerie on your shoulder for the trip!
  17. AquaFizz's Avatar
    They'll be at Bonnaroo! Unless they're playing during someone I like better, I'll definitely be heading their way. I still need to get the album, though. I just have a couple songs right now.
  18. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Can't help with the movies... Did I see here somewhere that you were contemplating going to see the xx? Please do! Best album I've heard in a long time
  19. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    I don't have any festival advice, since all I ever do is talking about them and getting excited about the lineup -I never walk the walk. But another kind of advice is bump Hova up a notch or two. Seriously, you might not even be that into rap or anything, but the man is a legend and the show I saw with him here in our tiny town was absolutely spectacular Have fun and tell me what it's like. Who knows, maybe one day I'll go to one as well
  20. dark fuschia's Avatar
    my advice. Don't worry about the line-up, let the music find you!

    my second advice. Don't listen to me. I always miss the good stuff. Always have fun tho.
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