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  1. AquaFizz's Avatar
    I'm so proud of and for you! You're going to do great on your own, and you'll be SO much happier!
  2. Mike's Avatar
    This was a good idea because you're very good at the things you do, smart enough to find your way, and strong enough to push through when things seem to turn to crap
  3. dark fuschia's Avatar
    I can't believe I got a spaccy mac. I was tempted by a siren who left me to drown in its stupidity alone. I ended up installing windows on it and now I am much happier with it
  4. AquaFizz's Avatar
    Agreed! Agreed! SO...EXPENSIVE! Plus, most places that sell used aren't even selling Blu-ray which means you'll be totally missing out on serious bargains.
  5. sir archely's Avatar
    nooo! don't cave to the blu-ray format hype!
  6. AquaFizz's Avatar
    You're not heartless. You're smart. You're... conscientious of our future? (I feel like there is a word that says all four of those at once, but it's not coming to me)

    The whole thing is really, entirely terrible and I have a feeling if I were the mother, I'd want people to fight to keep my baby alive, too. However, when you're not involved, its easy to stand back and say, "Hmm...You know, there's probably a reason for this and maybe they should just let go." There will be other swimmers to latch on...and if there are not, there will be plenty of babies without parents.

    So, I feel ya. And, if you're a monster, I'm a monster. (which, I suppose is likely...but we're really good looking monsters).
  7. Anita Blake's Avatar
    hehe, i too envy the man. I wish I could have afforded to take two months off of life to go with him. alas...

    and at DF. thanks!
  8. dark fuschia's Avatar
    Goodlord your profile pic is gorgeous. Oh and great story about the castle, I wish I had been there! It sounds neat.
  9. Buck's Avatar
    One of these years I will have my backpack trip across europe. I envy your bf anita. It sounds like he is having a fantastically memorable time.
  10. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    I've been there too! Well, technically not in the castle, but we did see it on a drive we took. Lovely place, Transylvania. The area capital, Brasov, is one of the funnier places I've ever been to Methinks it sounds like he's having a good old time, this boyfriend of yours. Tell him to keep it up
  11. Apoc's Avatar
    Bran Castle in transylvania yeah? I've been there, the castle of vlad the's white from what i can recall and looks more like a princess' castle in some fairy tale than the dracula horor story...its very claustrophobic aswell, seriously vlad the impaler or dracula must have been anorexic midgets to have been able to get around that place heh

    hope your boyfriend liked it though, i liked it but i remember it being bloody roasting when i was there...everything all summery and pretty...i suppose it would have been cooler seeing it during a dark thunder storm or something heh
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  12. Corvus Corax's Avatar
    The weather in that region has been like that for the past two weeks, which would have been nice if I didn't have to work .

    Sounds like he's having a great time. Too bad you couldn't be in Venice together.

    *plans to change his doorbell sound into a crackling thunder mixed with hysterical laughter*
  13. Anita Blake's Avatar
    oh, i agree. we did something like that for my grandfather, because he didn't want a funeral, and it was really nice. What struck me about this though was that it was a news conference held for a murder victim, and those are usually so strewn with tears and finger pointing about who could have done what to prevent this awful loss. I think that the way this family has publicly handled their grief in regards to the vulture-like media is just beautiful. That they avoid the "what if"s and the might have beens and move forward to deal with the "is" with such grace is inspiring. It makes me hope that (god forbid) if anything horrific like that should ever happen to me, I should have half that much grace and courage.
  14. Apoc's Avatar
    celebration of ones life i feel is always far more honouring to the departed than grieving their death.
  15. Amelia's Avatar
    I have a Dell desktop for a couple of years now and Im happy with it and luckily no problems. **knock wood**

    a coworker has a mac and raves and raves about it and said "Macs dont get viruses" and I replied "thats cause nobody uses them" She didnt find that funny
  16. dark fuschia's Avatar
    I also vaguely agree with most of this; I find the MAC wankers bewildering in their constant praise. I don't argue with them, maybe they are right, but to me it seems silly to get so lusty about somehting they generally only use for emails and websurfing, and does exactly what my computer does. Its just that their computer is ooooooh white and shiny... oooooh. It's the symbolism of being an artists or musicians computer they have bought into. The only actual artist I know in my town is PC loyal. All the musicians I know don't even own computers.

    I have a HP compaq laptop I bought at the start of this year. I had to upgrade the ram to 2G to get it to work well because it came with vista on it. Trust me, I was very cranky about that, imagine selling computers that can't even run the software they come with. But I played their dirty, dirty game and upgraded the ram, and I must admit now I am very happy. It hasn't failed me yet (touchwood) and I have actually already dropped it spectactularly, almost tossing it across the room, TWICE. It does everything I need brilliantly, and it cost me a grand total of $AUS650. Which is almost a third as much as the cheapest MAC laptop.

    Also as far as I understand if you use vista you don't need an antivirus anyway if you are careful (vista tells you any time something runs on your computer, and you must authorise it). Still I use an anti virus just in case. I mean it is a PC after all... I am not going to trust it to keep itself running I am going to maintain and backup regularly. I'll leave the shiny confidence to the MAC lovers...
  17. Anita Blake's Avatar
    yay! someone else who's seen that light isn't shaped like a half-eaten apple!
  18. Apoc's Avatar
    "It's god's perfect incarnation of electronic computation!"

    brilliant hahah

    heh I used to have a mac and it worked very well for the first year or so and i got alot of editing done on it then after that year mark...constantly crashed and just screwed up loads and i lost loads of stuff on it efore killing it in glorious fashion...

    everyone seems to have an ipod...they've had loads over the years...well i have an mp3 player...its called a Rio and i've had it for years and its brilliant and has never also cost alot less and whereas my friends have gone through multiple ipods, my Rio is still there with no problems

    down with the mac and i-stuff, viva la revolution!
  19. Anita Blake's Avatar
    hehe, i have an HP laptop, and it's a bit heavier than the macbooks to be sure, but I personally like it quite a bit. I'd probably like it better without Vista, but i'm resigned to that now. Also, the HP laptop cost about half of what a macbook costs, and it's pretty full-featured. I have a coworker who bought a macbook, and it was damaged, the warranty didn't cover the damage but they'd fix it for $1100. He was like "um, no. i can buy a new laptop for that price."

    my desktop is a dell, and aside from the crappy customer service that dell has, (and the fact that they rape you if you finance it - i'm paying almost double the cost of the beast because i was poor when i bought it and wanted a monthly payment plan... sigh) the computer is pretty damn good. It's been nearly 3 years, and my computer can still compete with mid-range models being released today. (of course, i bought a mid-high end gaming system).

    I wouldn't buy a a mac because a) see above, re: Steve Jobs is my Nemesis and b) I simply just don't like the way they "work". My advice would be to get a computer that fits your needs - if your toshiba works fine and you like it, stick with it. If you need to upgrade, think about this: have you had any issues with the company you bought from? Do you wish you had a different style of computer because of issues you have with the current? If you like a company's product and don't have any problems with it, why would you switch brands just because everyone else is? Why not exhibit customer loyalty and stick with the brand you like? But if you do have issues with the brand, and there are things about it you don't like, then maybe it's time to switch to see what else is out there.

    For my money though, I'd stick with PCs. Much easier to fix. And yes, Macs do break, at least as often as non-Mac computers. I think everyone I've ever known who's had one has had to send it in for warranty repair, or had some kind of insane computer-meltdown problem.
  20. AquaFizz's Avatar
    ...So, do you think I should stick with Toshiba then, instead of getting a Mac? Matt's conformed. He's a sheep. But I love my Toshiba, it's served me for 5...6 years now. It's time for me to move on, though, and I've toyed with the idea of getting a Mac. Thoughts are good. You have thoughts. Share those with me! Please?
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