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My own meandering experience

  1. Boracay, The Philippines

    by , December 11th, 2008 at 18:06 (My own meandering experience)
    A wet paradise.

    I have nothing bad to say about Boracay. If there is one thing it must be about some of the people it attracts, but that's not really about the place, so I'll let it slip.

    I was there for 11 days or something, I think, and for a bach-oriented spot I didn't manage to get a single day out in the sun! Cuz I had too much fun!

    The high-season hadn't quite set in when we visited, and I think this might be part of the reason I loved it so much. ...
  2. Manila, Philippines

    by , November 16th, 2008 at 07:20 (My own meandering experience)
    What can I say? Manila was steaming hot, crowded, chaotic and... intriguing.

    Again, I will make the disclaimer about time. I stayed in Manila for a whooping 40 hours, so there's not a lot I can say that is built on anything but something remotely resembling experience.

    Still, I liked Manila. True, I tend to like most things, at least most places as long as they're different from back home. And Manila's a whole lot different. First, the temperature... If this had been ...
  3. Bangkok, Thailand

    by , November 14th, 2008 at 08:50 (My own meandering experience)
    I thought maybe I'd use the blog thing to write about my opinion of the places I visit... So, here's my thoughts on Bangkok.

    My stay there was in total five nights and six days in two sessions, and let me just say that is way too short to get to know a city the size of Bangkok. (or any city for that matter)

    Also, my view will be wildly twisted, because on this trip we made comfort and luxury a priority whilst in Thailand. I don't think there's much value to getting ...

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