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night faerie

  1. Phil Halfway 11/3

    Met Bobb in Penn Station, she looks gorgeous for some reason altho she swears nothing's changed. We walk up 7th Ave to the show and we're giddy and excited and so happy to be together (she rocks!) and we saw fireworks through the city which was amazing.

    At the show we met up with Kowboy Nealsy, Gus the Clown & Mr. Jack (always has a bottle of Jack Daniels on him). Gus's bithday was last week & Nealsy brought him a present and he looked all flummoxed that someone brought ...

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  2. Phil Halfway 11/2

    This was my solo show; Nealsy had to work, Gus couldn't score a ticket and the rest of them had much the same excuse. Matty might have been there but I didn't run into him. I did see a few folk I've seen around before, I had brought a bottle of SoCo & Coke to pre-game the event & save some money on those $9 drinks & since I'm not smoking now; so I shared my bottle with some of them before going in.

    I passed out some bubbles & glittered a few girls. At intermission ...
  3. Phil Halfway - 10/31

    ok so I've come through the first 3 of the six Phil (Lesh) shows I'm going to at the Nokia Theater in NYC. The theater is wonderful, intimate (2100 people capacity), plenty of dancing room, the crowd is the usual Phil gathering of strangers becoming instant friends & recognizable faces and the drinks, albiet expensive, are strong .

    On Halloween I met Kowboy Neal & Sunshine Bob for pizza & then at the show picked up Gus the Clown & Mattie & Chris "Mr.Jack". ...

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  4. Limb Girdle Dystrophy

    "Limb-girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD) isn’t really one disease. It’s a group of disorders affecting voluntary muscles, mainly those around the hips and shoulders — the pelvic and shoulder girdles, also known as the limb girdles. ... Over time (usually many years), the person with LGMD loses muscle bulk and strength. "

    So this is the name of the disease my dad has. Strange that it's been so long and I only just learned this today.

    Wikipedia ...

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  5. The Blogginess

    Hello. So. Blogs. I am wondering what the difference is between Reflections and Blogs. So I'm going to post this and see. Blogs... those are those things where you're supposed to say things like...
    My mood is
    I am currently listening to... The Halo Soundtrack.
    ok I think that's enough for now. Bye, bye blog.

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