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sir archely

  1. Garden Report v3.1 - Coming Back...

    [Originally posted at Go there for more pics.]

    If you look at the time stamps on my posts, you'll notice I haven't been here in a while. But now into my third year of gardening, I have definitely learned for myself the wisdom Ron shared as a comment on my last post. There are no failures in my kind of gardening, only learning experiences. If something doesn't quite grow up the way I want it to, I can always come back and try again next year. Or maybe
  2. Garden Report v2.6 - Spring!

    [cross-posted at - go there for the pics.]

    The forsythia is blooming! Which, as near as I can tell according to the folklore, means either that spring is here, or we have three more snows yet. In western New York, that's probably the same thing. From what I understand, the essence of those beliefs comes from the fact that the forsythia start blooming due to a general increase in the overall soil temperature. That's a good sign for me, since the ...
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  3. Garden Report v2.5 - Fall Wrap Up

    {Cross-posted at}

    So, the fall snows have started, and things in the garden are just about...

    Yeah. Snow, yesterday and today. Today we got enough to stick on the ground and in the trees a bit. This picture was taken at the start of the snow, and you can compare and contrast with the similar angle picture from last week. Just lovely. I'm hoping this isn't too much of a setback for all of the seeds I put in last week when the garden ...
  4. Garden Report v2.4 - Getting Muddy

    [Originally posted April 15, at In the future, all posts will be posted there originally, and I will cross-post them here as I get the time.]

    So, it only took me 4 weeks to break my promise of a post a week. In my defense, last weekend I didn't do anything with the gardening. To make up for it, I'll have two posts this week. This first one is all of the outside things I finally got to do this week with the nice weather. Tomorrow or the next day ...
  5. Garden Report v2.3 - Peeking Out

    Not to much to report visually this week, so no photos. Mostly just planted some more seeds. Each type of seed, understandably, has different instructions to follow if you hope for good results. For example, some like to be planted directly outside after the last frost or if the soil temp is high enough, some can be started inside. For the inside varieties, you can't just plant everything at once, and let it all grow together. Since they all grow at different rates, the seeds have to be staggered ...
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