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  1. Further entry in the apartment saga

    Well, it took a few months, but we looked at a second apartment today. I've often referred to myself as doing things on a geological timescale, so it makes sense that there were nearly 6 months between apartment hunting attempts.

    Well, if the one we looked at in May was awful, the one we looked at today was spectacular. All we had to do was raise our maximum rent limit. But oh man, do I want this place, or one very similar to it. I don't care that it's literally 4 times as expensive ...
  2. apartment musings

    I just got back from looking at a potential new apartment. It had everything going for it: 2 bedrooms, "office/nook" space. Huge backyard/patio. 2 floors. Dishwasher. Sunny bay windows. Decent price. Really close to the studio we rent. Acceptable area/neighborhood. But when we looked at it, it was just... wrong. We couldn't really picture how we'd put the living room together, it had such a weird layout, and the bedrooms... well, the two of them together were a bit bigger than our current ...
  3. Garden Report v3.1 - Coming Back...

    [Originally posted at Go there for more pics.]

    If you look at the time stamps on my posts, you'll notice I haven't been here in a while. But now into my third year of gardening, I have definitely learned for myself the wisdom Ron shared as a comment on my last post. There are no failures in my kind of gardening, only learning experiences. If something doesn't quite grow up the way I want it to, I can always come back and try again next year. Or maybe
  4. Let me at the Truth

    Blogging right now is legitimately the worst idea ever. I'm so tired. I feel like I've walked to Narnia and back...but I'm depressed because I haven't actually gone anywhere. Still. No one has blogged in a good long while, so I feel it's my duty to revive this section.

    Since my blogging has been almost exclusively about my trips, but I accidentally reflected on my last trip, instead...I'll just tell you about The Ryman.

    So. For those of you who are unaware, The Ryman ...

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  5. well, now I've done it

    For the past 2 months, my thought-train has been something like this:

    "You've got to quit your job. Just do it. December 31. Shit, I'm too busy to quit my job. My shows are running long. I can't give such short notice. I have to quit. Just do it. I hate everything about my work. Oh crap, busy, quit later. ... Vacation! ... Definitely quit when you get back home. No, wait until vacation is totally over, lest they make you work. But still, quit. No questions. Oh god, I'm having ...
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