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    This is our home, and we'd like it to be yours as well. A lot of time, energy, and heart have gone into making this place. In fact, archaeological evidence, our calendar, tells us February 8, 2003 is our birthday. Wow!

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    So, come in and chat with the locals, be it about the new hot book on the market or the new blockbuster at the corner Cineplex. Or just come in and meet our people. That's what truly makes this humble place a home. We have an incredible cast of characters in our family, so won't you cast your lot with us?

  • Halloween Poem

    the pale red leaves fall
    a prelude to winter snows.
    red swirls on the ground
    dance as the wind blows.

    there's cold on the air
    you can smell and taste
    makes you fear to breathe
    lest your last breath you waste.

    you look up from where you lie
    into the unforgiving sky
    and think the pale orange moon
    laughs as it passes you by.

    you thought us legends
    baseless myths at best
    but for a stout skeptic like you
    the specters never rest.

    we stalked you, hunted you
    whilst you were unawares
    you had your modern life
    more pressing concerns and cares.

    but on this all hallows eve
    our magic waxes, your world wanes
    when you go wand'ring out alone
    we chill your bones, open your veins

    now you lay there, slowly dying
    pleading whispers, silent crying
    and now, in still red pools,
    your life's blood, quickly drying.

    so you will be an example
    to those who doubt and disbelieve
    tales of magic and horror are real
    beware...beware all hallows eve.
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    Re: General Original Poetry

    The universe is trying to kill me
    My brain is it's weapon
    Seeking comfort in
    The fuzzy memories of infancy
    Repeating these meaningless moments

    I can find no solace
    My mind, a...

    overlooked_shadow 1 Day Ago Go to last post
    night faerie

    Re: General Original Poetry

    Will you hold me till I fall
    I failed to count the hour
    I lost my way and lost it all
    the sweetness turned to sour

    I lost my focus
    caught the breeze
    went tripping 'mid the flowers
    and now,...

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    Kalle al'Tear

    Re: Random Stuff & Nonsense

    :nf: She is absolutely lovely.. Congratulations on the second one coming! :nf:

    Kalle al'Tear 4 Days Ago Go to last post

    Last Night

    At the center of things
    the heart lies heavy
    At the crossroad
    Dark dreams swirl around

    Exciting entrances, lure us in
    facades that deny egress
    Don't be fooled
    You're in the ganglion now

    overlooked_shadow 1 Week Ago Go to last post
    night faerie

    Re: General Original Poetry

    A maelstrom of words
    on a million pages
    And yet I miss the mark

    As a swirling vortex
    of color and mist
    Will still obscure the spark

    I can count every fear
    Every star in the sky

    night faerie 1 Week Ago Go to last post
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