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    This is our home, and we'd like it to be yours as well. A lot of time, energy, and heart have gone into making this place. In fact, archaeological evidence, our calendar, tells us February 8, 2003 is our birthday. Wow!

    Hopefully you'll find its someplace you want to hang your hat and stay a while. Fantasy abounds here and is the key. Some of our earliest community members have their roots in Wotism, and certainly, the Wheel of Time never left our home. But we still have a touch on reality as well.

    So, come in and chat with the locals, be it about the new hot book on the market or the new blockbuster at the corner Cineplex. Or just come in and meet our people. That's what truly makes this humble place a home. We have an incredible cast of characters in our family, so won't you cast your lot with us?

  • The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman - Trailer

    Thought I could share this. It's a book trailer I made for my YA lit class this semester. I won't claim to be any kind of film-maker, and I used the very simple Windows Live Movie Maker, but it was a lot of fun. This sort of trailer, more like a slideshow with short bits of text over it, is very popular among school librarians and teachers. The aim is to get teens interested in reading the book, and reading in general. I'm not sure how successful it is, but we have fun with it.

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    1. Mike's Avatar
      Mike -
      Well, you got me interested in reading the book, despite of the title, which sounds a bit too cheap. Odd thing about the trailer contents... he was a baby, and escaped?!
    1. sir archely's Avatar
      sir archely -
      Heh, yup. That's exactly what happens. Haven't you ever read any Neil Gaiman before Mike?
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