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This morning I planted the garlic. First year so I sent away for some garlic bulbs. Thought about just trying to plant some from the grocery store, but I have read bad things about planting stuff from the grocery store. Plus, I kinda want to know the pedigree of the stuff i'm putting in the ground. So i bought chrysalis purple garlic. It's a hardneck garlic, and partly purchased because it's supposedly a fairly hardy variety for colder climes, and partly because it's from Viroqua, WI. I actually know where that is. Meaningless, but at the outset here i've got to latch on to anything that'll make a decision for me. Too many varieties. We will see how these do for next year; if they do well, and are good, we'll keep on. If not, i can always switch off to something else.

Ended up with 36 cloves to plant out of the smallest package i could buy, which was 8 oz. That worked out well for my planning, as I had three rows of ten planned, so just increased the rows out a little bit to twelve. Soil was a bit wet today from all the rain we've had recently, but I'm encouraged by how well it ended up draining despite the big storms. Not only that, but there were worms everywhere while i was digging up the rows for the garlic. Very good sign. Plus the sod is really decomposing well. In addition, my winter cover crops are starting to peek out of the soil. Looking good so far.

Still encouraged by how things are going. Still need a calendar to plan out my seedling growing/planting schedule.

Hope you are happy in your new beds little garlics.

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    At least it'll keep the vampires away from your spinach and lettuce. Nasty little buggers...
  2. Amelia's Avatar
    you dont have deer that come in your yard do you? We thought onions and garlic would be safe from deer but NOOOO the scratched it right up out of the ground and ate the little buggers.


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