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So today I sat down with my list of things to plant next year, my gardening guides, and next year's calendar. Figured out my last frost date in Spring should be somewhere around May 20th. (Zone 5a, apparently) and counted back from that to figure out exactly when I'll be needing to start my seedlings indoors. The schedule doesn't look that bad, actually. Things are spaced out enough that i shouldn't have too much of a load at any given time. First few things i have to deal with are strawberries (unless i buy plants), chives, parsley and onions.

My dad is flying out here next week. Random visit because he had some excess vacation to burn off, but he's going to help me build my shelving units for the seedlings. We'll see how much space i have for planting them, hopefully it'll be enough for all the little buggers i've got planned. As soon as they're built I'm going to start some basil down there. I've already got a blank pot and some seeds. The reason for that is I had the pot and tried starting some basil in a window in the house. Seedlings came up... then died, one by one. I suspect we just don't get enough light for their needs through the windows. Once i have the lights in the basement that i can control, it should eliminated that problem. Now to figure out some way of keeping the cat out of my seedlings.... Some stuff may just have to be direct planted and hope it works out. I'll also see if i can get him to help me build some cold frames. Those are pretty simple, and i have some window panes i got for free.

I did take some pics of the beds right now, but they are not exciting at all. The cover crop (of annual rye, hairy vetch, austrian peas and red clover) pretty much just looks like lawn, only sparser. I did put some hay mulch down over the spot where no cover crop is going, but that is also very unexciting.

Still excited and hopeful. I hadn't actually been planning on canning anything next fall, but now i'm wondering if it might be a good idea. I've never done any canning before, but it would be damn cool to have my own home-grown stuff in jars in the basement for munching on. I'm about 12 months ahead of myself with that though. Maybe the first year i should just settle for the awesomeness of eating my own fresh fruits and veggies.

i'm also interested in these. It would be pretty cool to have some fresh apples, but i don't really have the space for traditional trees. planting a couple of those could be fun. I'm also curious about the pawpaw tree, since it is apparently a native North American fruit, but i have never had it. not so sure i want to plant one of those given that the flowers have a carrion-like odor to attract pollinators. plus i'd again probably have to plant two for cross-pollination. but it is fascinating to me that i know the pawpaw patch song but never learned that the pawpaw is the largest fruit native to north america, and have definitely never eaten one. i guess that has more to do with the problems of preserving it, and the post-agrarian society we live in, but still. i'm tempted to put a couple in just for the novelty.

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