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PC Troubles

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Okay, so, my PC has been on its last legs for... probably 8 months or something. I don't remember exactly, but for a while. No, that's not even long enough, it's closer to a year and a half or more. I don't really know what the basic problem is. Every few months, it decides to shut itself down and then not restart. I have to do a full reformat, reinstall everything, and then i'm good to go for another few months. I probably should have taken it in somewhere, but hey, free is free, and i'd rather put any money into buying a new computer, rather than dump it in this one. It also doesn't like to be moved very much, even though it's a laptop. I was likely going to have to get a new one for when i start school anyhow.

That said, after the first time it did this, I went out and bought a 500 GB external hard drive because keeping files on the internal hd just wasn't smart. It was actually a pretty good idea, and saved me multiple times... Until a week ago. I was trying to transfer some files to a friend. Unfortunately, I was also watching football in the living room, and the external hard drive is in the office on the desk. So i go get it, take it out to the living room with me, and set it on the table next to the couch. I even thought to myself, okay, have to be really careful because of the cords looping around. ARG. Of course i pull the thing off the table and it falls a few feet to the hard wood floor. Not good. And now it makes the bad buzzing noise, and i've lost most of everything. I still have some CD backups for some stuff, but not nearly everything i had on there.

To top it off, a few days ago, my computer pretty much died permanently. I started my reformat/reinstall process, got it back up, but as soon as I started with the windows updates, it restarted for installing and now won't even boot up again. I think i'm off to the computer store this weekend.

Thankfully my wife's computer is just fine, and she's at work so much I can use it almost whenever i want, but still. At this point the frustrating part is not that i lost my computer, but all the data i lost. I'm just trying to go with the flow and realize it's not the end of the world. ~sigh~

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