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sir archely

Garden Saga Continues...

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After a lengthy hiatus for... well... winter... my saga continues.

Though, winter wasn't all hiatus. I did get a few things set up and accomplished. My seeds have all arrived, though I'm still waiting for:
-potatoes and,
All of which don't come in seed form, and so won't ship until some time in April, so that they can be planted in an appropriate climate.

I won't go into all the detail of the varieties I've decided on for each item, but suffice to say, there are quite a few. When in doubt, I tried to go with the ones which claimed to be hardier and easier to grow, rather than fancy or exotic varieties.

The shelves were successfully built, faux-sun lights purchased and mounted on a programmable timer, and a heat mat purchased and plugged in.

I missed the start of my plant schedule by a week and a half or so, just due to forgetfulness on my part. Now that I'm into it, I don't think there will be any more problems with it. I started by planting strawberries, parsley, and basil. Strawberries and parsley apparently take the longest time to get established before frost, and I just wanted to grow some basil for indoors because I like cooking with fresh basil. In just the last couple days the first brave seedlings have poked out their beautiful green heads.

I also have some plexiglass I got for free that I might try to make some all-clear coldframes out of. Cold frames can wait a little bit to attempt though.

I'm attaching pics of the set up in my basement, and the first seedlings.
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  1. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    The set up looks great and this is starting to sound more and more impressive, Sir. Just taking it from the planning stages to actually implementing stuff, that's the hard part...

    Well, that and making frail small plants defy all the universe trying to squash it and come through though. Good luck with that
  2. AquaFizz's Avatar
    Impressive, Sir Green Thumb!

    So..when will everything be ready for a QuillFeast?


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