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Fits and Starts

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So, it's about time for another update and some pics. Things are coming along with the garden, but as the title says, they are coming in fits and starts. I feel like I am a ways behind where my calendar plan says I should be by now. I get a few hours on a weekend, and suddenly everything has to be done for a few weeks worth, rather than the incremented plan I developed which had me planting something almost every weekend, whether indoor or out.

So far I do have asparagus crowns in the ground, peas, pole beans, bush beans, spinach, carrots, and mesclun mix all outside. I also experimented a little bit and planted some peas next to the back fence on a whim. I don't know if they'll get enough light, but at least it'll cover up the ugly chain link a bit. My potatoes have arrived and I'm waiting for them to get a few more developed eyes before I cut and plant them. The garlic is coming up like gangbusters (except for one little runt on the end, i'll eat him first). You can see the garlic in one of the pics.

Inside, you can see some of the stuff that's going. The lettuce is overdue for a transplant, and I should probably put the onion (on the left) outside as well. I've got the melons, zuchini (pattypan and black beauty), oregano, rosemary, marjoram, parsley, basil, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, and a bunch of other stuff started inside.

I tried putting out some weedblock cover for parts of the garden, but while it's helping the soil to not dry out, I'm not seeing any weedblocking happening at all. Unfortunately, my closest store that passes for a gardening store is Home Depot, and they have been lacking in some of the more specialized pieces of equipment i've tried to get. (soil thermometer, IRT plastic mulch, indoor heating mat, among other things.) I did put up a few treillises.

So, it's going along. Will I run out of good growing time? We'll see.
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