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How to make friends and influence rock stars

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This month has been crazy. I've still not fully recovered. I've got clean and dirty laundry...everywhere. I've got a halfpainted dresser in the garage, rolled up posters in various corners of my house and my car looks like I eat WAY more McDonalds than I actually do. By this time next month, I'm still not sure I'll have recovered from the insanity-especially the way my work schedule has been. But I know it'll all be worth it.

Something happened this last month that I never in a million years thought would happen the way it did. It goes beyond the awesome music. Beyond the stomping, sweating and stalking. My conversations with quasi-rock stars pale in comparison to the greater good that came out of my month. Because in four shows, I have made four fabulous friends. The friends I've been longing for! The ones who drive 500 miles to see a good show, who get there six hours early for a place by the stage, and who understand the benefits in being the bitches that formed the clearly established lines.

You've heard me rant about my friends here before. They're all great in their own ways. I can have a lot of fun with them sometimes. But that fun always revolves around one of two things: Food or over-priced drinks. We get there and we giggle and make fun of each other and tell the ridiculous stories of our lives, and I always have a blast, of course. But the next day, I'm not left with much. I've got no memorbilia, no actual memories of madness taking place on that day..just the brief feeling of relief because I finally got to share a story with someone about the crazy lady at work. That's as far as our time ever goes. They care about me and about my family and I care about theirs. But they just have no drive, no passion, no energy.

So I went to some concerts by myself. I'm an only child. I dwell within myself most of the time, anyway. I was slightly weirded out during that first show when I waited in line to get in. And I was bummed when the tall people ended up in front of me and there was no one with more balls to say something. But then I did it myself. Then I did more things by lean against a tour bus with a couple other girls waiting for an autograph. And then one by one as the boys tried to sneak by on that first night, I took my balls in my hand and yelped, "Hey wait!" And I forgot a marker and the guys didn't have their own. And this one awesome girl leaned over and handed me hers And we waited..for get that forth signature. And we laughed and talked and had fun. And we realized we'd see each other the next day at the next show...

The next day, she and her sister got there an hour after me. The hour after that...we were starving. A walk up the street afforded one medium pepperoni pizza that was scarfed while in line with us, and two more girls from the night before (I still have no idea who they were-I wasn't as impressed with them...). And that was it. I'd made two new friends, these music lover sisters, and I was pretty content. There was talk of interpol and old crow medicine show and...hey..maybe we should get tickets to the bloomington show!

Then I struck out for Chicago with no tickets or anything. But I already had what I needed there-I had my best friend from high school. I had the girl who used to dye my bangs pink during lunch. The girl who gave me my first hit of acid. The girl who got pregnant and raised two of the most adorable babies ever. The girl who I hadn't seen in YEARS. But that thing they say about how it was like no time had passed...that's how it was. It was awesome. I love my Chrissy.

And then bonnaroo...but we won't go there.

Bloomington happened last. Bloomington was one of the best shows. Bloomington gave all of us...the girls and the guys...a glimpse into how INSANELY popular the boys had become. There were ten times more people waiting out there for them after the show than there had been just three weeks before. It was awesome. But before the show, these two girls with southern accents got in line behind us about two or three hours after we got there (and we were still the only ones. LOL). Me and my balls...I started asking them questions. Had they been to a show before? Who was their favorite? Where did they come from? We found out how much they loved the Avett Brothers. And they laughed at how similar we were to them when it came to our fondness. They'd been doing the groupie thing for the ABs for a lot longer than we'd been doing the M&S thing (because m&s is newer), so they shared notes on things. We planned out our favorite spots on the stage but ended up all along one side together (despite my not getting to be next to was fun to be next to friends who were paid to stare at all the other girls, too). They went paparazzi-like and caught the profile picture thats up for awhile (because..seriously..someone else MUST see this). And names were exchanged so we could share our pictures on facebook. And then...just like that...I had added to more fan girl friends to my collection.

And now something awesome is happening. Now I'm planning for shows that aren't scheduled yet...and I know I won't be going by myself.

I'm an only child. I will always dwell within myself. But theres something really comforting about this new friendship thing. There's something really great about knowing when I'm lost in my head in an amazing daydream, that I will have someone beside me to throw an elbow when my tour boyfriend walks by.

I like people. Who would have ever thought that would happen?


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  1. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Sounds like you have been living the dream the last weeks, huh? A part from the whole bonnarroo thing I mean

    Doing a much better job at loving music than me at the moment as well, I think, but... At least I have a couple of recommendations for you, and I can almost guarantee you'll like both of them. Janelle Monaes album The ArchAndroid is simply spectacular, she mixes so many styles and is so cool I'm simply baffled

    The Morning Benders' The Big Echo is a lowkey and plain good pop/indie album. Go ahead, check them out. I know you want to


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