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And So It Begins (Again)!

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The Spring was insane for me. My divorce was finalized the day after what would have been my two year marriage anniversary. A couple weeks later, I packed up a duffle bag and drove north to two of my favorite cities in Ohio, Columbus & Cleveland. I saw two awesome concerts, made two new besties, came out of my shell majorly, flirted incessantly, made over half a dozen acquaintance and fell in love hard...but not with a person. After two more shows, I knew one more thing-This couldn't end. My roadtripping, groupie-ing days could not be over. Somewhere along the way, in all my excitement and slightly drunken stupor, I let three words fly from my mouth.

"10 in '10!"

The next morning I still remembered that phrase. Two and a half months later, I've acted on it.

I'm hitting 6 more shows in the fall.

I'll miss three days of school, stay in three old friends houses and I added 300 miles to my trip just so I could go to a city cooler than Minneapolis. Also, it's broken into two legs, three shows each. I think I need to sleep with three band members, just to keep the numbers going. I'll probably just stick with the number I got last time, though. And I'm definitely just as happy with that.

The shows are months off. Our first one is October 30th...a mere four days after I turn 26 (I'm really not looking forward to that). Our last show is on November 9th. Unless, just for fun, I try to exceed my goal by going to see them in NY, too, on the 15th. But I really shouldn't miss anymore school.

Anyway, here are my dates:
Milwaukee, WI Oct 30
Chicago, IL Oct 31
Nashville, TN Nov 1

Back to school for most of the week. Down to Vidalia, GA on Friday night to spend time with my Biff.

Atlanta, GA Nov 7
Knoxville, TN Nov 8
Philadelphia, PA Nov 9

Back to school Wednesday evening.

Hello, tired awesomeness.


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