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C'mon! Just one more!

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In an unlikely (I think) twist of fate ('s knife in my back), one of my OTHER favorite bands will be on this side of the pond at the same time as Mumford & Sons. Not only that, but they will tour with them for half the trip. The half, of course, that isn't my half.

Mt. D is a pretty new band. It contains a few members of some other bands that I deeply & truly adore (and stalk on a regular basis). These bands aren't exactly overwhelmed by international fans so they spend most of their time far, far away in the UK. During the first leg of the M&S tour, the part that's all out west, Mt. D will be opening for them. Their LAST date with M&S is in Denver...three days before my tour begins. Even more frustrating is that during my first night with M&S in Milwaukee, Mt. D will be playing in Chicago. Coincidentally, where M&S and I will be there very next night. It seems pretty likely that I will get to see the Mt. D guys hanging around in Chicago the night of the M&S show, as their tour ends in Chicago the night before and they're good friends with M&S. But still! Smoking on the sidewalk with them is great and all, but I want to see them perform.

There is one possible date where it might work. The night before I start my first leg with M&S, Mt. D is playing in Detroit. R is game with starting our roadtrip early and everything, but depending on what time the show starts, I may have to skip class if I want to guarantee seeing them. I'll already be skipping Irish twice for the M&S tour, I don't know if it'd be wise to skip three times. It will depend on how easily I take to Irish, I guess. Which, according to my calendar, I'll find out about in two weeks. *cringe*

So there you have it: More useless information and whining from this groupie. I guess you could say I've gone a little crazy since my time as a girlfriend/fiance/wife. It feels really good, though...this freedom thing. Of course, with school and my insanely tiny budget, I'm not THAT free. But I'm certainly free-er than I was this time last year or the year before that. It's pretty amazing. It may sound silly, but I feel young again. There's this rush that I haven't had in years and this smile that's around a lot more than it used to be. Work: It's been one insane drama after another. But most days, I'm still given at least a couple reasons to love my job...even if it's just because I know it's going to pay for my tickets, car and gas.

Life is good...even when I'm not slutting around for quasi-rock stars.

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    Yay for smiles


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