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What's that, October? You love me? I love you, too.

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I've got R saying, "It's All Happening!" It's from Almost Famous. Technically, nothing is happening yet. But, "It's All About To Happen!" just doesn't have the same ring to it.

This time next week, I'll be driving to Columbus. I've added another concert to my October of fun. Johnny Flynn (who is absolutely amazing and fun) is going to be at Kenyon College...FOR FREE. The venue only holds 250 people. I had this really over ambitious goal to try to get ALL my friends to come-Thus taking up over half of the capacity with friends and turning the whole concert into my private birthday party. That hasn't panned out well. Mostly because I didn't let anyone know about the concert until, well, yesterday. But also because WAY too many of my friends don't actually live around here. Also, my friends suck. Still, Me & R (and possibly Kris) will definitely be there. C & her cousin, too, most likely. Anne is also hoping to come. That right there is a nice wall of friendness to surround myself with as I drool over JF.

The weekend after that is the weekend before my birthday. I'll probably just work work and then hang out with the family.

We leave after class on the 29th to head up to Detroit for Mt. D, then take a ferry over to WI the next day for M&S. We'll hang out after the show and then when the horn blows, we'll pile in, drive out of the city and crash somewhere between Milwaukee & Chicago. I'll spend the morning/early afternoon with X, hopefully. I flippin' love that woman. Then the show. Chicago is Halloween. I'm going as a cowgirl. Yep. I'm the most original girl in the world. I'm currently trying to decide between the decent jean skirt and the ridiculously short jean skirt. I've got votes for both. After Chicago is the 8 hour drive to Nashville. I'm hoping we get a good start on that after the show, so we're not doing it all the next morning...hung over. We'll see what happens. As reward for our endurance thus far, we've booked a sweet-assed hotel in Nashville. It's just a couple blocks from the venue. So..that's nice. Staying close and not having to get a head start on the next day's journey means we'll be able to stay out later that night. Yay.

I have class the next day at 2, so we don't have to leave Nashville until 9ish. I may skip class in hopes of getting in some more hang time/shopping. R is bound and determined to get back in time to vote, though, and since she has another 2 hours from my house to hers, we can't stay too much longer. Ugh.

Work is going to SUCK that week-As is school.

Friday night after class, though, we'll make the 10 hour drive to Vidalia. R thinks it's 8. ...I'm not going to correct her. Not that it should matter to her, anyway, as I'll be the one driving. Saturday I'll have ALL DAY to hang out with April. She's been my best friend since 7th grade (when we bonded over our love for Hanson). We haven't seen each other in forever. I haven't even met her HUSBAND. So, basically, I'm pretty excited. Sunday is the show in ATL. I was to get up and go in the morning because I want to spend some time in Atlanta. Since Knoxville is the next day and is only a couple hours away-That'll be another night of fun. Knoxville-I have no idea what to expect. All I've ever seen of Knox is what you see when you drive through on the highway. It should be interesting, though. Philly is our last show. We'll probably stay out WAY too late considering the fact that there's a 10 hour drive back home and I've got class at 4 on Wednesday. Ugh.

Things will be different. All the venues are at least twice as big as last time-Some will be three times as big. But still not huge. Even if it's less personal, I do know this: It's still a roadtrip, it's still live music. There will still be a ferry, two visits with old best friends and lots and LOTS of great moments with hot boys.

Now...I should probably try to not fail two psych tests in a row. But I wanted to get all my anticipation down somewhere, first. yay.

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