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Hello, Philadephia!

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Thank you. And good-bye.

I don't have the heart to post about Philly in Reflections right now. NF just posted and her posts are always way cooler than mine. I don't want to be on top of that. So here's Philly...

I was pretty sure I was going to hate it. The barricades were a million miles back and the stage was taller than me. Plus, we ended up so far down to the left, I wasn't sure Ben could see us. I love it when he sees us. But as the hour of waiting progressed, followed by the hour-ish of CS opening, we shifted to the right quite a bit until we ended up pretty much in front of the keys. And this time, because the barricade kept us back so far, it actually made it easier for him to look down past the keys at us. I have to be honest: Someone else may be the only person to even come remotely close to having my heart right now, but looking up and seeing him watching us all night and watching him rock out made it pretty damn hard to NOT fall for him just a little. That kid is amazing. They had a request for a cover of a song and they did it. And that was pretty much the only time of the night he didn't look at us. But he did sit right in front of us on the stage. The video is at the bottom.

We hadn't talked since ATL, so we didn't really know what their schedule was like after the show. We waited around with all the other fan girls. And I got my picture with T & B. B's the dark shadow in the middle who is holding my head. They said their niceties to the rest of the line then we ended up at the bar behind the venue. Also at the bar was a mom & dad-aged couple that I'd made friends with. The mom was pretty much in love with them. We all chatted about all kinds of shit and drank and it was nice. I got way more tipsy than I meant to. We eventually got kicked out of the bar and T headed for the bus with his awesome girlfriend (no. seriously. I love her.). M wasn't anywhere around because, well, he's rarely ever around. I think he was missing his girlfriend (who is even more awesome!). So, eventually everyone else cleared out and there were just the couple of us...and that was perfect. It was a pretty amazing way to end our trip. It felt sort of like "old times"-Even though we all knew it was far from old times. Ha. And, well, even though I think we also knew that next time would be even farther from old times. Eventually, being the polite english lads that they are, we were walked back to our car.

R and I hit the road, even though I probably should have camped out for awhile. I really didn't drink all that much, but what I hadn't calculated in was that I hadn't eaten all day. And what I thought was me just being giddy, flirty and sleepy turned out to be me being STUPID drunk. I'm pretty ashamed of myself. but I don't think I'd ever been even half as drunk before (at least not while trying to do something that required effort so that I would have any sort of idea what kind of shape I was in.) to know just how bad it was. We got the first hotel we could find once we got out of the city and crashed (with the lights on again).

The next morning I woke up to a really nice text. It was like this promise of nothing and something all at the same time. It made the 9 hour drive to the Johnny Flynn concert go by with lots of giggles, squeaks, recaps and swoons.

Our last gig of the road trip was Johnny Flynn at Gambier College. He played in a church-like building that only held 150 people. It was so small and so packed, he actually encouraged us to sit down. And we did. Those brown shoes between the monitors, those are mine. And those dark boots (not the ADIDAS things), are his.
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It was magical-And he played all my favorites from A Larum. We left at 1 or 2 in the morning-R's mom picked her up in town and I drove the rest of the way home to Cincinnati. I think I go in at 3 or 4am.

And that was the end of my road trip-Me, alone (but not really-not in all the ways that matter) on the road for a few hours. I don't think I love anything more than being able to drive alone on new roads. It's when I get my best writing down and it's when I traipse through my best memories. It was the best way possible for me to end my trip-Just thinking, remembering, and writing. I'd been saying I had writer's block because I didn't have any inspiration, but that trip filled me with the best kind of inspiration: Real Life...being completely unrealistic.

PS-Not in Nottingham...shot on my me. (There are definitely better videos, but F that. You're getting mine. Also: NOT MY LAUGH! That laugh is ridic.)

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