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Movin' to the country, gonna eat me a lot of peaches!

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I freaking love that song. Whatever happened to The Presidents of the USA? They were awesballs! (Yes. Love it. Use it.)

This may seem random but you should know that it is, indeed, not random at all. What sort of images do words like "country" and "peaches" evoke in your mind? (I mean besides images of peaches, jerks.) Maybe green hills, sunny sunshine, freckled shoulders, breezes in hair, toes wiggling in slippery fresh grass and ice cream! After all, "country" and "peaches" always make me feel warm and summery and those things are definitely summery. And what makes summer so special besides the warmth? Well, that school-aged association with "vacation," of course! Which leads me to this...

Goin' on a freakin' road trip! (again.)

It's incredibly (INCREDIBLY) financially irresponsible (again), but I just don't care.

Everyone abandoned me a couples months ago. They all went back to their separate cities, states, and countries. Last quarter was dreadful, anticlimatic, and antiromantic. So, since some of my oh-so-wonderful loves will be embarking on an adventure in the south, a few more of us have decided to descend upon those sticky, sweet states, too! Quelle Awesballs! (See? So versatile.)

Actually, for the most part, I'll be pretty much alone. I'll drive all the way down to NOLA on my own to see the guys do a show. The next day is a free day (read: No concert for me or them) during which I plan on wandering the city and exploring the dozen or so record and book stores I've found online. ~swoon~ While I hope I have a browsing buddy or two, I'm not holding my breath. Like I said before: Things will be different. But I'm me- I live to be alone. I'm pretty excited to think that I'll get to spend the day wandering a mostly foreign city all by my lonesome. It's been a long time since I've done that. While I'm doing wandering, IB will be gigging elsewhere in the dirty south but after that he's supposed to hoof it up to Memphis, where I'll be Friday afternoon-Sunday evening. Friday is a relatively slow day. I'll spend it driving in and then visiting Sun Studios (swoon) and Graceland. Friday night, Saturday and Sunday will be full of music, the guys, some more guys, and a good portion of my new friends.

Next stop will either be Nashville or Home. Depends on what everyone else is doing and what my school schedule allows. I decided to rent a car, to spare poor Vilhelm the miles, and I've got it through Tuesday at noon. So, basically, I could stay through Monday night and just drive back early Tuesday morning. I'm hoping that this will be exactly what happens. I should have a free place to stay in Nashville.

Of course, I'll be missing some school. But I've come to find that I do much better when I plan to miss a few days than when I don't have anything planned. I end up lazing about and miss school for stupid stuff.

So. Yeah. While the end of next month will only technically be Spring...I will be in the south, driving over hills, walking around in the grass and letting that sunny sun bake pale little freckles on my pasty shoulders while the breeze blows through my newly red hair and that, to me, sounds exactly like summer.


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  1. sir archely's Avatar
    Very jealous of the road trip fizz. I'm staring down the barrel of a solid month of nonstop work to finish out the semester. Randomly deciding to blow it all off to drive to a few concerts sounds like a great idea. ~sigh~
  2. AquaFizz's Avatar
    Do it!!! I think even just ducking out for a weekend is really a nice breather and will help you feel better about school. Just drag your books along. You always end up with an hour or two of waiting when you can study a bit. This time, I plan on doing my french homework at Cafe Du Monde.
  3. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    In my experience, bringing school books on trips are just extra weight in your backpack and they never, ever get opened. In stead, they get moist and sticky from the tropical climate/the exploded bottle of rum/the incident

    Yeah... have a most awesballsy trip!


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