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Transplanting before I can transplant...

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So, I swear, this won't be as long as my first one for the year. I didn't have anything to start this weekend, but I did have to take some of the lettuce seedlings and transplant them to larger pots. I didn't do this step last year, and things mostly worked out okay. My lettuce last year did grow a little weird, but I got some great heads out of it. This year, I decided I would follow the directions on the package and switch half of the lettuce to larger pots. So it went from this....

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Kinda sloppy. We'll see if it actually provides any benefit, or if I should have just stuck to my methods from last year. The ones I transferred are butterhead. All of the romaines are still in the seedling starting cells. Hopefully they'll be able to go outside in not too long.

Here's the basic set-up for the bottom shelf. The black thing under everything is the heating mat. The plant in the pot on the left is the canna lily from last year, which decided to sprout again halfway through winter. I didn't want to cut it back for fear it just wouldn't come up at all this year. Looks like it's going to be an early year for it, so we'll have some early color on the porch. If it survives the season, I'll have to remember to pack it in some peat in a bucket that stays in the colder garage over winter, so it doesn't get fooled again.

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Here's a pic of the canna lily as it came up last year. Have to sign off with something to look forward too.

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Anyway, that's what's happening in the "garden" this weekend.

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