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All My Bags Are Packed & I'm Ready To Go...

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Seven days from now I will, hopefully, be only 4 hours from New Orleans.

I don't think it's possible for me to be any more excited and any more wary. I'm stoked for the trip in general and the chance to catch up with some friends once I get to Memphis on Thurs/Fri. But I'm not really sure what to expect in New Orleans. Things are REALLY different from last time. That is, the last time I was in New Orleans and the last time I saw the band. I know I'll have a blast no matter what-I just hope I can have as awesome of a time with them as I've had in the past. And, honestly, I sort of doubt it. The bright side is that there are TONS of people on the message board that are coming from out of town and we've all sort of formed a posse. They've got pre-show plans that I'll probably blow off and it sounds like they have after-show plans, as well. So, if all else fails, I'll make some new music-people friends that I can party with, instead. Woo-FREAKIN-Hoo! Then again, I've also turned going to New Orleans into a piece I'm going the magazine. The basic gist being, "This is the way you do New Orleans when you're no longer in college but also not, you know, old." So, that's a lot of pressure for Thursday.

I'll be okay. I'll have fun. I always do.

What I really wanted to share, though, was this: I'm already packed!
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I'm sort of a clothes hoarder. I figured out that I could pack up all my favorite things and still have clothes to wear to class this week. So, that's exactly what I did.

I'll be driving, but because I refuse to look like a typical girl, I want to contain myself to just a carry-on bag. Mission accomplished.

Contents: 4 pairs of jeans, 2 skirts, 8 pairs of underwear, 6 tank tops, 2 camis, 3 t-shirts & 1 tankini.

That's right friends: I can even over-pack a carry-on.

One minor detail: I forgot about my bras. LUCKILY! I devised a plan where I'm sticking my smaller purse into my large purse which will have make-up/hair stuff in it. I'll just throw those in with that and call it a win!

So, despite my nerves, I'm obviously pretty excited about this trip. I've never in my life packed SO early before. It's kind of ridiculous-I know. But, I'm excited.

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Buh-FREAKIN-Bye! ~sniffs~
  2. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Shouldn't that be Buh-FREAKNIK-Bye? Or is that Atlanta?

    Impressive packing there, travellah. Of course, I, king of the carry-on, could outpack you, but I guess that is mostly because I am a guy, hehe... Have a blast


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