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I Heart Music City

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There's no other way to day it-I freaking love it. If there were T-Shirts like the "I Heart NY" ones that said, "I Heart Nashville," I would buy one for every day of the week! ...Fine. I wouldn't. I'm too hipster for that shit. But I would at least buy one in v-neck form and hopefully clingy and then wear it with skinny jeans and my red Chucks. I love that city enough for at least that.

Here are the highlights from my rocket trip to Nashville:
-Iced Chai at Fido
-Hipster guys who work at Fido
-Caribbean Jerk Chicken Tacos
-Sweet Potato Fries covered in the mango salsa juice that was on the Caribbean Jerk Chicken Taco
-Having free reign over "The List" (not that I know enough people in Nashville to make it that worthwhile. But, whatever. I added a couple names)
-Finally seeing a Cicada. They're not so creepy.
-My really awesome print screened cowgirl pillow case from Katy K's
-My new arrow ring (It's like a Robin Hood arrow and wraps around my finger. I went with gold this time, it'll match my tambourine necklace. In case you were wondering...)
-Having my Beachland Ballroom sticker properly affixed to my window
-Staying in a friend's awesome apartment (I'm not sure if I like it more than staying in an awesome hotel, though. Hotel's have maid service. And room service.)
-Staying up too late and then getting up early
-Singing. Lots of singing

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  1. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    Hi5 for having fun! Keep it up


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