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Anita Blake

Oh hello there...

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Well, it's only been an eon or so since I've written a blog post here (or, you know, anywhere). So here goes.


Turns out I haven't much to say. Work continues to suck the soul of of my still-breathing, but hardly-living body, but there are plans in action to stop all that (note: plans might involve the purchase of a lottery ticket in conjuction with boldly quitting my job and then crossing my fingers and hoping for the best).

My credit list is now frightening. I work on so many "movies" that it baffles the mind. Frequently this is just simultaneously. But it's fine. I think. I hate my boss and I sort of want his plan to crash, but it's not all gloom and doom. Except right now, because my lamp mysteriously died the other day and I thought it was a burned out bulb, but it turns out that it's just dead, so it's a little gloomy at present. No matter.

But I have plans (really, beyond buying a lottery ticket!). Thinking about changing jobs. Thinking about telling my dickhole of a boss to go wipe his ass with his lips. But I probably won't, since changing my job won't be so much a "fuck you!" as it would be a "hey, I'm gonna do something else for a bit, but if you need me, and I'm not busy, I could probably help you out in exchange for money". Nothing firm decided yet, but this plan is formulating, solidifying, growing a life of it's own. I have to be careful. it might actually be at the point where the plan becomes so well-formed and precise that I no longer even need to enact it, as it will have created it's own alternate universe that I at first enter joyfully and with wonder, but then it just gets boring like all those other alternate universes. You know, been there, done that. It's a fine line I tread between planning, creating universes, and growing bored with them.

My cat tried to kill the internet the other day. He gnawed through the cable that provides power to the modem. It was confusing. It was like "I could figure out where to buy a replacement if I could look online... oh, right." Still, boyfriend repaired the power cord, and we are internet-have-y once more. yay!

Anyway, this looks like it fulfils my blogging component of life for the next 3 years.... well, I'll try not to make it that long, because let's face it, if you waited 3 years to read something, and it was this, you'd be totally justified in posse-ing up with pitchforks and hunting for my life. I'd join you. If it wasn't my head you were hunting.

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