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Anita Blake

well, now I've done it

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For the past 2 months, my thought-train has been something like this:

"You've got to quit your job. Just do it. December 31. Shit, I'm too busy to quit my job. My shows are running long. I can't give such short notice. I have to quit. Just do it. I hate everything about my work. Oh crap, busy, quit later. ... Vacation! ... Definitely quit when you get back home. No, wait until vacation is totally over, lest they make you work. But still, quit. No questions. Oh god, I'm having heart palpitations. I really need to quit, but it's scary! What if no one loves me and I die poor and alone and a hobo?! OK, Write the letter of resignation. And definitely quit when you go in. But what if the boss isn't there? OH MY GOD THIS IS SO COMPLICATED AND I'M REALLY REALLY FREAKING OUT HERE! Smoke a cigarette, that will help. Gross, cigarettes are gross, why the fuck did you do that? OK, if the boss isn't there, then just give the letter to your supervisor and make her deal with it! Ha! You can't talk your way out of that one. Oh god, it's morning, and everyone is asking how your vacation was. But I can't tell them I'm quitting before I tell the boss, that would be... poor manners. Just play along. Play it cool. Fuck it, I have to tell my supervisor, because the boss is nowhere in sight. OK. Put the letter on the desk, that way you won't forget to QUIT YOUR JOB TODAY! Dammit! The boss is on the phone. And also, I'm busy. He's off! But he's talking to someone in his office! This is terribly inconvenient. You can't back out now, you already told your supervisor! When will he shut the fuck up and let me come and corner him and tell him I'm quitting already!? ACK! He's gone! He's like a ninja, a beady-eyed, weaselly, ninja! OMG! There he is. Walking right toward you. Time to say

"Hey, can I talk to you for a minute?"

So, after that ordeal, here I am, with way too many temporary job offers for the third week of january. It's fine, it's all OK. My boss, irrationally enough, seemed to feel that it was probably a good thing for his company that I leave and become a contractor. I chalk this up to him being a dumbass, but no matter, because I'm FREE!!! Only 9 more work days, and then I get to stop being a person who works there full time!

Now comes the ordeal of... making business cards, figuring out accounting for the self-employed, and trying to figure out what my rates are going to be and how the hell to balance all my potential clients. (there are 2. Possibly 3.)

So, huzzah for me, I'm about to join the ranks of the self-employed. No longer for me the security of knowing where my next paycheck is coming from, or how much it might be, or if it will coincide with the time that my rent is due.

wait, tell me why was this a good idea again?!!!

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    This was a good idea because you're very good at the things you do, smart enough to find your way, and strong enough to push through when things seem to turn to crap
  2. AquaFizz's Avatar
    I'm so proud of and for you! You're going to do great on your own, and you'll be SO much happier!


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