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Hey, I wanna join all the fun! So here i am, ready to blog... only, i dont know what to write about...

... just that... time feels like its passing so fast lately... the year is almost over, and yet again, I've accomplished nothing that I meant to.

I've done, nothing good. Nothing bad. And now, a new baby is on the way... and although I am extremely happy, there is a part of me that feels like, now I really wont do anything with myself. Or with my life. Things arent getting any easier... and when I did have it easy, I didnt take advantage of the situation. Now, my momma is gone, and who is to watch over the baby?

Larry is like me, we want someone we both know and trust... afterall, it is a newborn. But time is passing, and we cant come up with anyone. That means, more time off work, more time off school... and more time, being stuck in the same spot in my life. I'm not sad, just dissapointed in myself. Dissapointed when I think of all I could have done, and never did.

Regrets?? sorta... just regret not being in a better position in life... to offer all my kids more. 7 kids... who would of ever believed i was gonna have 7 kids. :broken:

They are what keep my life interesting and entertaining. It's fun having a big family.

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  1. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    "Dissapointed when I think of all I could have done, and never did"

    I think you should be proud instead.


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