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The Incredible Shrinking Man!!!

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So, it rained last night and I had a wonderful sleep, and it made me think some thoughts. But I seem to have lost them all in the space between breakfast and lunch. Lunch was good by the way. I've been having lunch earlier and earlier every day as a form of procrastination, so that now when I have lunch, I am hardly even hungry.

I saw a movie on the weekend about a man who was exposed to radioactive dust and a pesticide, which caused his cells to mutate in such a way that he began shrinking. It was very oddball really, because you'd expect such a plot to be a comedy much like "Honey I shrunk the kids", but it was serious, quite serious. A classic 50's sci-fi, and the cast played it without even coming close to cracking a smile. So as my initial amusement with the earnestness of early sci-fi dwindled, I became drawn in by the actual idea in itself. I grew fascinated and was gradually won over by the story. Imagine... just imagine, you are shrinking, slowly but surely growing smaller every day. There is no cure, only brief and dazzling moments of hope, always quickly dashed by the stark reality of your situation. Soon you are no bigger than a five year old. You have lost your job, and you're a spectacle, your life is a series of humiliations. Your beautiful wife stays by your side, but you can only see the horror in her eyes, not the fierce loyalty and love, and you start to loath yourself for not letting her go, and you start to loath her, for being a constant reminder of all you have lost. The life which seemed so clear-cut and full of promise is now taking you to nightmarish places you never dreamt existed. You are shrinking. You are shrinking. You are shrinking. Without any of the things you once thought were important, you have become horribly embittered. When you are the size of a mouse, a cat tries to eat you, and you escape into the yawning abyss of the basement, trapped by the impassable mountain of the stairs. It's ridiculous, absurd; you subsist off filthy cheese hard won from a mouse trap and struggle to survive against common insects. Because something inexplicable drives you to survive, even though you can see nothing to live for. You find yourself planning to reach the upper levels of your home again, so that you might once again see your wife. Part of you knows there is nothing beyond this, but you refuse to think any further ahead, you must get out of the basement. You begin your incredible journey through the dark bowels of your home. You stop whining and get on with it, you conquer and survive.

Well, sadly I had to leave at this point, so I needed to check wikipedia to find out how it ended (I was in a desperately curious frenzy for a full day and a half). So I have checked and this is what happened to Scott Carey (the unfortunate hero). He is finally able to escape the basement by stepping out through the fine mesh of the fly screen window into the outside world because he has grown to microscopic size. As he does so, he wonders out loud at all the marvels he will see from his tiny and completely new perspective as he grows smaller and smaller. He accepts his bizarre and terrible fate at last.

Well pretty cool hey? Surprising ending for a movie. The thing I love about this most is that the character was such a chump, especially at the beginning. Just a guy who liked his job making money and wanted nothing more of life than a pretty proper wife and 2.3 kids. Very existential really for hollywood, to see him end up as the ultimate adventurer into the unknown, especially after watching his descent into self-pity and childish aggravation first. I was glad he accepted his fate, and glad it didn't have a cheesy ending with a cure and all that, which I half expected. A plus. Don't get me wrong sometimes it's painfully absurd and cheesy, but the concept and the deadpan serious acting really carried it all the way through.

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