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Phil Halfway - 10/31

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ok so I've come through the first 3 of the six Phil (Lesh) shows I'm going to at the Nokia Theater in NYC. The theater is wonderful, intimate (2100 people capacity), plenty of dancing room, the crowd is the usual Phil gathering of strangers becoming instant friends & recognizable faces and the drinks, albiet expensive, are strong .

On Halloween I met Kowboy Neal & Sunshine Bob for pizza & then at the show picked up Gus the Clown & Mattie & Chris "Mr.Jack". Also met several other hippies who knew my crew & have expanded my "extended network", haha.

I of course went as Glitter Girl (poor chrono will be picking glitter off his clothes for months), Gus went as a pirate, Nealsy as Froggy and Sunshine Bob went as Mr.Seventies Dude (of course everyone who knows him knows he looks like this all the time but for Halloween it's "a costume". lol

We were loitering around out front on the corner of Broadway & 44th in Times Square, about a thousand hippies, many in costume, milling about looking for friends and tickets and drugs, and along came the tourists. SOOO funny, a group of Japanese & a group of Egyptians decided they wanted their pictures taken with all the crazies. So yeah, there may be pics of Glitter Girl online somewhere amidst a gaggle of tourists & crazies. Good times.

Setlist for Halloween:
Set 1:
Shakedown Street
Loose Lucy
Don't Let The Devil
...Take Your Mind
I Put A Spell on You
Story of the Ghost
Casey Jones

Set 2:
Phil reads Pit and the Pedulum by Edgar
Allen Poe from offstage while the band
is onstage playing scary spacey jam>
Cryptical Envelopment
Boris The Spider (WOW)
Voodoo Chile
The Other One
Cryptical Envelopment
New Speedway Boogie
Fire On The Mountain
Sympathy For The Devil
I Know You Rider

Donor Rap/Intros
E: Werewolves Of London

<Edit> It's noteworthy to mention that Bob Weir & Ratdog (another splinter group from The Dead) was also playing in the city this night and (coincidence?) they also ended their show with Werewolves of London.

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