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Phil Halfway 11/2

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This was my solo show; Nealsy had to work, Gus couldn't score a ticket and the rest of them had much the same excuse. Matty might have been there but I didn't run into him. I did see a few folk I've seen around before, I had brought a bottle of SoCo & Coke to pre-game the event & save some money on those $9 drinks & since I'm not smoking now; so I shared my bottle with some of them before going in.

I passed out some bubbles & glittered a few girls. At intermission I was feeling no pain and scooted my way up front to a corner stage left about 25 feet from the stage. I found a great crew hanging out there, about 4 or 5 groups in twos and threes, we happily bubbled & babbled our way through intermission.

Near the end I ran into one of the girls from the aforementioned corner & we talked a bit. Turns out she's friends with two well known Grateful Dead cover bands and was looking for extra tix to some of the other Nokia shows. Since Gus has some extras for the weekday shows, we exchanged numbers. Her name is Ellen.

Set 1: Jam> Birdsong>
About Cell Block #9, Dire Wolf,
Midnight Rider, Passenger

Phil plays stand-up bass - so cool
Set 2 (acoustic): Friend Of The Devil
Lorene, Cry Yourself Dry, Big Mon
Dead Flowers, Mama Tried

Set 3 with guest Ryan Adams:
Wharf Rat
Franklin's Tower
Stella Blue
Scarlet Begonias Tease
Fire On The Mountain
Dark Star (v1)

Terrapin Station
Sugar Magnolia
Sunshine Daydream

Donor Rap/Intros
E: Feedback Jam>
Darkstar (v2)>
Box Of Rain

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