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Phil Halfway 11/3

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Met Bobb in Penn Station, she looks gorgeous for some reason altho she swears nothing's changed. We walk up 7th Ave to the show and we're giddy and excited and so happy to be together (she rocks!) and we saw fireworks through the city which was amazing.

At the show we met up with Kowboy Nealsy, Gus the Clown & Mr. Jack (always has a bottle of Jack Daniels on him). Gus's bithday was last week & Nealsy brought him a present and he looked all flummoxed that someone brought him a gift so I started a rousing rendition of Happy Bithday which everyone on the corner of 44th & B'way picked up and sang gloriously off-key. Some really cute hippie chick came up to Gus and gave him a hug & asked if it was really his bithday because it was her bithday too and he was like, do you have a ticket for the show and she was like no, I'm trying to score one and so he said Happy Bithday & gave her a free extra ticket he had (this process of giving free tickets to poor hippies at shows is called "miracle"-ing for those of you not in the scene. Hippies are seen at shows carrying signs saying "I Need A Miracle" which is also the name of a Grateful Dead song.) The hippie chick was beside herself with excitement it was really cute, she said it was her 21st bithday so I gave her the rest of my bottle of SoCo & Coke too and in to the show we went.

We danced & danced our arses off, my knees are a little achy today

After the show Bobb & Nealsy ditched out, Gus & I grabbed hot dogs & met up with Mr. Jack at the after show. After show was fun, not great but I wasn't ready to go home, my legs still had a little restless energy to burn. Gus only stayed about a half hour, Mr. Jack split about 20 minutes later. Matty was there for a while but he disappeared into the crowd & never reappeared. So the last hour and a half or so I was on my own but it was all good, I sobered up & danced some more.

At the end of the after show, I was approached by a kid Mr. Jack had introduced me to earlier & he was like, "Haven't I seen you at some other show?" and I was like yeah, yeah, and a couple of his friends offered to walk me back to Penn to catch the train. We had a good time, altho it was really cold, we were still warm from all the dancing. They tried to get me to come with them to the East Village to someone's apt to wile the night away till dawn but I declined, instead inviting them to join my crew before next Saturday's show, when we're going to meet for dinner. We exchanged numbers and I ran for my train which was departing in one minute.

Set 1:
Good Lovin'
Pride of Cucamunga
This Wheels of Fire
Mississippi Half Step
So Hard To Find My Way
Big Boss Man

Set 2:
Playing In The Band> Jam
Spots of Time
The Wheel
Somebody Loan Me a Dime
Jack Straw> Jam>
Unbroken Chain
St. Stephen
The Eleven> Jam
Turn On Your Lovelight

E: Donor Rap / Intros
Casey Jones

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