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Let me at the Truth

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Blogging right now is legitimately the worst idea ever. I'm so tired. I feel like I've walked to Narnia and back...but I'm depressed because I haven't actually gone anywhere. Still. No one has blogged in a good long while, so I feel it's my duty to revive this section.

Since my blogging has been almost exclusively about my trips, but I accidentally reflected on my last trip, instead...I'll just tell you about The Ryman.

So. For those of you who are unaware, The Ryman is this legendary music venue in Nashville. It used to be a church and, to a certain extent, it still is. The building still mostly looks like a church, too. Except there's been a fancy new lobby added and I think that where you enter is not the original entrance. Also, I imagine that when it was just a church, the stage was probably lower.

However, for the last million and a half years it's been a concert venue. It's epic. Its hosted everyone from Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan to, yeah, muh boys. The pews are still in place and the floor is unpolished, rutted-in-places wood. It's amazing. And for concerts like the ones I went to...with lots of stopping, those floors and pews are perfect. Stomping is so much louder on wood floors than concrete, pews are so handy to grip onto when you're in some strange near-orgasmic zone.

When words were forgotten in a giddy, nervous daze, MM said "fuck it, you know the words." And everyone sang. Then it was truly like church...all these people raising their voices, showing their love. It wasn't exactly worship of a band or a song, it was just bunch of people feeling the music and the lyrics...feeling nearly the exact same emotions at the same time. It was the best kind of "church" that I'd been to in so, so long.

I felt more than I'd felt at any other concert, in any other church. It was the greatest combination of the two.

And afterward, sitting outside on the steps to what, I think, used to be the front doors...I felt like I channeled more than just the fans from that night, but all the fans and musicians that had ever come to that building to be apart of something...special.

Tennessee is conservative as fuck. There are a million reasons to avoid it like the plague. And, there are a million states with far more entertaining things to do and see. But, should be on every list. When you're in town, you should try on real cowboy boots, see an honest to goodness old-fashion printing press and browse the strictly country music record store. But that's not why you should visit. You should visit because, as a music fan, you owe it to yourself to see a concert at the Ryman.

Here's a taste of one of my nights (Except, pft, you know I had a better view than that.):

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