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I just got back from looking at a potential new apartment. It had everything going for it: 2 bedrooms, "office/nook" space. Huge backyard/patio. 2 floors. Dishwasher. Sunny bay windows. Decent price. Really close to the studio we rent. Acceptable area/neighborhood. But when we looked at it, it was just... wrong. We couldn't really picture how we'd put the living room together, it had such a weird layout, and the bedrooms... well, the two of them together were a bit bigger than our current bedroom. Even the landlady was like "if you have a queen size bed, it's almost impossible to get it up the stairs into the bedroom." The layout was so... cramped and closed. I much prefer a more open floorplan, where the kitchen bleeds into the living room areas, rather than being walled off (with a door! a closing door into the kitchen?!)

Needless to say, we're not moving there. It's been several years that we've been saying "we need to find a bigger place", but the low-low rent of our current place is so tempting and wonderful. And we love our location. Now I'm considering just asking our landlord to rent us the next place that opens up in our building so we can have the extra space without the hassle of a new neighborhood or having to move. Then we could each have a private "work space", and a nice home, too! Plus, it would probably cost us the same (or maybe even less) to rent 2 apartments in this building as it would to get a new small 2 bedroom apartment in the area.

I think I'm going to more seriously push this idea. It's clearly the work of a genius!

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