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Anita Blake

Further entry in the apartment saga

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Well, it took a few months, but we looked at a second apartment today. I've often referred to myself as doing things on a geological timescale, so it makes sense that there were nearly 6 months between apartment hunting attempts.

Well, if the one we looked at in May was awful, the one we looked at today was spectacular. All we had to do was raise our maximum rent limit. But oh man, do I want this place, or one very similar to it. I don't care that it's literally 4 times as expensive as our current place. It has amenities. It has a fitness room and sauna and swimming pool. It has an in-suite washer and dryer AND it has a ginormous balcony AND it has more or less the amount of space we want AND nice kitchen with lots of space. Also, in a decent neighborhood, right on top of a fancy grocery store. with pubs right next door. and stuff. We won't get this apartment. I know this, because she's already shown it to a dozen other people and it's nice, so we won't get it. But there are others in the building. And we're in no rush. We don't need to move in December 1. We haven't even told our landlord we want to move yet (I'm afraid it will break his heart. We've been here for so long!)

So wish me luck, maybe I can actually move and not live in a shithole with crazed drunk neighbors and pipes bursting and the world's skeeziest laundry room and funky smells and creepy stains. We got a new carpet in the lobby a few weeks ago, and my first thought was "what kind of terrible new stain is this thing covering up?" Honestly. The cobwebs have cobwebs. The landlord's middle-aged son is very helpful and comes weekly to vaccuum all the hallways, but this building needs more than a decent vaccuuming. It needs more than new carpets. It basically needs to be torn down and have something nice built in it's place. Have I mentioned that we haven't been able to close our bedroom window properly for over 5 years? It doesn't fit the frame properly. So you can see how the idea of a dishwasher basically blows my mind.

God, I want to be able to move to this place we looked at. It was so nice.

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