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So that's happening

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Signed the lease papers yesterday. I currently have a spreadsheet that is listing out 2 columns of expenses: stuff we need for the move, and stuff I totally want for our fabulous new apartment. The sums at the bottom of the lists are depressingly large. I always said that the next time I move, I would hire movers and cleaners to take care of all the shit I didn't want to do. Yeah, that was before spreadsheeting the expense of it all. In theory, I will be well-employed next year, with 2 basically full-time jobs, so in theory, I can afford this. But I also have a stronger theory that my jobs could go away at any time. (Even though these are as close to suer things as I can get.) I worry about the gaps in my employment, because there are frequently gaps in my employment. This has not been as issue to date, because cheap rent. Starting basically now, I am freaking out about the possibility of a month without work. (even though this year, I only worked 8 months of the year.) It shouldn't happen. I know I have at least 2 series next year, and possibly a third, as well as doing double duty on a handful of TV movies. I know this. Still, my inner pessimist is freaking out and even though I theoretically could afford to hire a mover, the expense seems outrageous and since I and my friends/family can do the work for the cost of some beer, this seems smarter. Even though I hate doing all the heavy lifting.

So yeah, it's been a long time in my cozy little craphole, but now there's only less than 2 weeks left there. We start packing this weekend, and moving some boxes over next week, and then the following weekend, BOOM. moved. it's very exciting/terrifying. One of the nice things about living in a craphole is that you don't have to worry much about things like putting holes in the walls for TV mounts or paintings. Scratch the floor? No bog deal, it's 50 years old and kind of crappy to begin with. We have to worry about these things now. Live like people? Madness!

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