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I'd say that was anti-climatic, but it sure didn't feel like it. Spent the whole last week carting boxes over in 2s and 4s in my car, and then yesterday we got the moving truck, and 2 truckloads later, we have a new apartment full of our crap. There was a brief scare though, on Saturday, when we stopped by the new place to drop off some boxes, only to discover that the sole elevator in the building was broken. The landlady didn't know if it would get fixed, or when it would get fixed, but she was hoping it would get fixed before we moved in. totally terrifying. For a couple hours, we didn't know if we'd be able to move in or not. OK, I suppose as far as "terror" goes, that probably doesn't qualify.

Dracula took to the new place pretty much the way I thought he would, which was he was freaked out, eyes wide, slinking around trying to hide. He didn't really calm down much until I got the blanket out on the bed, then he began to realize this was real.

The new place is so big! When it was empty, it actually seemed like maybe it wasn't so big, and I worried about there being room for all our stuff. But the living room is currently crammed full of boxed, furniture, random things, and the 2nd bedroom too, but even still, walking from the bedroom to the kicthen storage room felt like a longer walk than I've taken indoors forever. I'm excited to see what it will be like when we get unpacked and organized and have everything proper.

The only major downside (well, except for the cost) is that I hate the shower head. Hate it. I want a blistering thundershower, not a fairy-mist sprinkling of tepid water. Eco-friendly = not very hot + lousy water pressure. Sigh. The other thing is our neighbors. I've only met a few, but they seem pretty anal and/or bitchy. One woman in the parkade was upset that the elevators still weren't working. I told her they worked now, but they were locked off because we were moving, and she got all upset about never knowing what was going on. Then she proceeded to drive away, presumably rather than taking the stairs (there's only 6 floors in the building. it's not that bad.). She seemed super bitchy. I think i hate her. Then there was a lady who wanted to use the elevator while we still had it locked off to get her sons in their stroller from the 5th floor. We had the elevator booked from 3:00-5:00, and she made a point of letting me know it was past 5, and that's why she had planned her walk at 5:00, for when the elevator would be open. When i got upstairs a few minutes later, I realized it was 5:10. She was literally waiting for the elevator at 5:01. We were done by 5:10. She wasn't bitchy about it or anything, but I thought that was a little weird, being like "nope, have to take a walk with the kids at 5 on the dot!" Why not wait to get the kids dressed until you know for sure the people moving are done with the elevator? Like, is the extra 15 minutes on a sunday afternoon really going to kill you? Weird. I hate uptight people. Just relax! It's no big deal! I mean, I get it, inconveniences are inconvenient. It's annoying, sure.

Meh, maybe i'm just getting weirded out because it's a new, posh neighbourhood full of rich people. Or at least yuppie people who put on airs of being more wealthy than they are. The first thing people ask when i tell them where we moved to is "did you buy are are you renting". I feel like people are judging me on whether or not we own, and we don't. I feel like maybe some people are like "oh good, you're just renting, that means you're probably alright" and others are like "oh, you can't afford a home of your own." Nope, can't. Condo prices in this city are beyond absurd. The place we're renting would probably sell for half a million dollars, and it's not THAT nice (in my opinion, based on the fact that my parents bought an acreage with a huge house in 1990 for less than what i can buy a 2 bedroom, 900sq.ft condo. if I spend $500,000 on something, it damn well better require a riding lawn mower. The garden at my parents place has more square footage than my apartment. It's just too bad it's in Calgary. Yuck.)

Still, my new place is nice. It's really nice. I've only spent a few hours in it, really, but I like it. The kitchen is magnificent. It's huge. It has a ton of counter space. And lots of cupboards and shelves.

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