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Nothing really to say here. I just can't leave drunk blog post as the top one! That's crazy. I could tell you how much I love my new loom - a lot. In fact, once I'm done writing this, I shall descend upon my looming room (aka 2nd bedroom, aka "the study" and start working on some napkins that I have ready to weave. Cloth napkins! I honestly had never considered such finery for my life until I went to my little 2 day weavign retreat/ classes, and realized that that's totally a thing that weavers can have. We can do that. It's not even expensive to buy the materials. They won't be monogrammed..... yet. I looked into an embroidery machine to monogram things that I weave, but then I thought I should probably put the brakes on, because there's only so much space in "the study".

Which prompted my BF andmyself to realize we have our apartment set up all wrong. ALL WRONG. We have this big master bedroom, with a bathroom, and a little weird solarium-that's-not-really-a-solarium-but-that's-what-we-call-it-anyway, and all we have in there is the bed and my clothes and a bunch of my craft stuff (in the solarium). His clothes are in "the study". Big room, small closet, and me with enough clothes to fill a small palace. Meanwhile, the much smaller 2nd bedroom has his computer desk (big enough for 3 monitors), a huge bookshelf, our filing cabinet, and my loom. There's no more room left. It's full.

So now we're thinking of opening a HUGE can of worms, and switching the bedrooms for the craft room. We's have way more space, and by that I mean, I'd have more space for my craft stuff, and his desk would take up the same amount of space, being a desk. I could set up a table and have my sewing machine and serger always ready! I could get an embroidery machine! I could become a full on sweatshop. It would be amazing. OK. I probably won't get an embroidery machine, because that seems like a little much even for me, someone who basically knows no limits and tends to just buy whatever random tool she sees that she thinks she could use for a single project.

But it's looking like we might go ahead and do this. Which doesn't sound that crazy, but in my head, it's going to be basically like moving all over again, but just across the living room. The bookshelf concerns me. It's big. It's so big. and heavy. I do not want to move it, so if I can get away with leaving it in the "bedroom", I would. But my BF isn't so lazy, and he'll probably chide me for not doing things properly if I suggest that. But.... big! Heavy!

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