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Meet Mathilda

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Mathilda Peach arrived on February 27th this year. She was born on her exact due date. She?s still exactly that precise... except about her diapers. She shits her pants and happily sits in it for ages, until one of us smells it. She?s pretty talkative and likes to both mimic and be mimicked. She?s absolutely so silly. And she?s been so easy, too. The first two months were awful because she only wanted me and I was awfully sick. But, she?s been sleeping through the night since she was two months old. It?s been so easy, I?ve actually considered a second kid. But, probably not.

Her name. My mamaw?s name was Hilda... which is kind of a less-than-awesome name. Spelling Mathilda the old German way paid tribute to her great grandmother while still giving her a much better name. We thought we?d call her Tilly, but we usually refer to her as Tilda or Peach. We spent months debating middle names. I always said my daughter?s middle name would be Kae (I?m Kaye, Mom is Kay), but I just couldn?t settle. While at the OB one afternoon, I was flipping through a magazine and found a spread devoted to Peach recipes. ?PEACH!? is all I texted her dad. ?It?s cute. I don?t hate it.? And there we were.

We?re having a party for her next weekend. She?ll get to meet all her dad?s band mates, their families, my friends, etc. The party is rainbow themed, because her favorite song is ?Rainbow Connection.? When she was still a tiny blob, I?d sing it over and over, slower and slower while I rocked her to sleep. Now, when I sing it, she grins up at me and ?sings? along. She?s just the best. I?ve never been so in love.

More later. If I don?t forget my MFin password, again.

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  1. Mike's Avatar
    Hello Mathilda!
    Enjoy the love, AquaFizz
  2. night faerie's Avatar
    She is stunning, Fizz. Enjoy every moment.


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