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Certificate of survey

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Certificate of survey: sounds important don’t it? I cracked up at work when my boss told me I was going to be driving in traffic, for four hours, walk onto the job site & spend 15 mins there to make this survey. I’m getting a little ahead of myself here; let me explain what a certificate of survey is. It’s when you hire an architect to go to a place and certify
that place exists. Duh….. I mean you go to a place (in this case an apartment) say “I’ll buy it!”, but I just want to make sure that it still exists in this reality when I leave. So I’ll spend an enormous amount of money to hire an architect to prove it. This entails me walking into the apartment & going “yep.. bathroom, kitchen, yep, “ for about 3 mins. Going back to my office, telling my boss it exists and then he signs a piece of paper. Cost about $500 per apartment. Needless to say those people suddenly decide to trust their eyes and didn’t hire us to perform the survey

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  1. Anita Blake's Avatar
    the world is a funny little place.
  2. Nachtnoir's Avatar
    fun stuff. too bad you didn't get to do it, you could have made them give you per diem and travel time. it would have gotten you out of the office for a day too.
  3. Tipiman's Avatar
    And we wonder why the economy and stock market are taking a plunge. . . . Hmmmm
    But it's great work, if you can get it!


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