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So my boyfriend called me today from Venice. It's fun getting these phone calls from random cities across Europe.

He said he went to the Bram Castle in Romania, apparently the one that the castle in Dracula is based on, and it was all hot and sunny and beautiful, but then when he was in the tram going up to the castle, the sky darkened and it started raining and hailing, lightening crashing on the hill next to the castle, very dark and foreboding, all of a sudden, and the he looked to the guy next to him only to discover they were both wearing the same shit-eating grin. "Best approach to a Transylvanian castle ever!"

Then, as soon as they actually got into the castle, drenched, it cleared up and became all sunny and pretty again.

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  1. Corvus Corax's Avatar
    The weather in that region has been like that for the past two weeks, which would have been nice if I didn't have to work .

    Sounds like he's having a great time. Too bad you couldn't be in Venice together.

    *plans to change his doorbell sound into a crackling thunder mixed with hysterical laughter*
  2. Apoc's Avatar
    Bran Castle in transylvania yeah? I've been there, the castle of vlad the's white from what i can recall and looks more like a princess' castle in some fairy tale than the dracula horor story...its very claustrophobic aswell, seriously vlad the impaler or dracula must have been anorexic midgets to have been able to get around that place heh

    hope your boyfriend liked it though, i liked it but i remember it being bloody roasting when i was there...everything all summery and pretty...i suppose it would have been cooler seeing it during a dark thunder storm or something heh
    Updated July 6th, 2008 at 11:08 by Apoc (Bram to Bran)
  3. Eyreplenh's Avatar
    I've been there too! Well, technically not in the castle, but we did see it on a drive we took. Lovely place, Transylvania. The area capital, Brasov, is one of the funnier places I've ever been to Methinks it sounds like he's having a good old time, this boyfriend of yours. Tell him to keep it up
  4. Buck's Avatar
    One of these years I will have my backpack trip across europe. I envy your bf anita. It sounds like he is having a fantastically memorable time.
  5. dark fuschia's Avatar
    Goodlord your profile pic is gorgeous. Oh and great story about the castle, I wish I had been there! It sounds neat.
  6. Anita Blake's Avatar
    hehe, i too envy the man. I wish I could have afforded to take two months off of life to go with him. alas...

    and at DF. thanks!


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