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Anita Blake

I guess I'm a monster

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This baby will die without a heart transplant.And I read the story, and all I can think is: this baby is probably not meant to be. I mean, I'm sorry for the parents, I'm sure it's really heartbreaking to have a baby and find out it's probably going to die within a few weeks, but honestly, maybe it's for the best.

Modern medicine is helping too many people live. We have too many fucking people on this planet. And most of them aren't worth the flesh they're printed on. Sure, lots are, but let's face the facts.

We help these broken babies to survive through infancy, maybe even to adulthood and they become happy productive members of society, who are likely, through the miracles of genetics, to have more broken babies. I just... I know it's heartless, but some people are not meant to live. Sometimes, their greatest contribution to society is their death. And while that might sound bleak, I think that people can be galvanized by the death of an infant, people can become motivated to live better lives, to be healthier, to stop smoking, whatever, when someone close to them dies from some illness, or from a random skiing accident.

I think it's messed up that people will spend time and energy to save the life of one baby, even though it will come at the cost of another baby. It's picking and choosing, really, and everyone seems to want to pick and choose the underdog. That's the way our society goes.. We love an underdog to win. Smash the mighty to raise the stature of the small. It's fucking bewildering.

I just, I don't know. I find myself hoping that these parents lose this child. I know that sounds horrible, and maybe it is. But this child lives, and they are stuck with all the medical problems for the rest of their lives (which I have no doubt they feel 100% prepared for). This child dies, and they have a chance to have another healthy baby, or adopt a child that needs a loving home. They have an opportunity to learn a real life lesson, to make the best of a sad situation. People always want to make the death of an infant sound like the worst thing ever, but honestly, even though it's tragic, I don't think it is the worst thing. I think it doesn't have to be. I think that babies die all the time outside of the human race, and parents keep on breeding.

I suppose that's why I'm probably never going to be a parent, I just look at that sort of thing in the abstract, and I'm sure that anyone who has a child would tell me I'm totally wrong, and I don't understand what being a parent is all about, and I'm insensitive and mean and heartless. They're not wrong. But hey, I'm entitled to an opinion too, and I just think that some things are not meant to be.

But hey, maybe this kid will get her transplant and live a great life and be prime minister one day, right? Or grow up to cure cancer or something. That's what all the people with hearts would say to my naysaying, I know this, and yes, it's a slim possibility that these things could happen. Or, she could grow up to me a well-intentioned, lucky little girl who is a total drain on the health care system, who gets married to a nice man and they have a baby. Who knows? All I know is, of all the things that could happen, only one will.

Meh. I'm heartless today, I guess.

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  1. AquaFizz's Avatar
    You're not heartless. You're smart. You're... conscientious of our future? (I feel like there is a word that says all four of those at once, but it's not coming to me)

    The whole thing is really, entirely terrible and I have a feeling if I were the mother, I'd want people to fight to keep my baby alive, too. However, when you're not involved, its easy to stand back and say, "Hmm...You know, there's probably a reason for this and maybe they should just let go." There will be other swimmers to latch on...and if there are not, there will be plenty of babies without parents.

    So, I feel ya. And, if you're a monster, I'm a monster. (which, I suppose is likely...but we're really good looking monsters).


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