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Welcome home. No, I mean it. This is our home, and we’d like it to be yours as well. A lot of time, energy, and heart have gone into making this place. Hopefully you’ll find its someplace you want to hang your hat and stay a while. Fantasy abounds here and is the key, but we still have a touch on reality as well. So, come in and chat with the locals, be it about the new hot book on the market or the new blockbuster at the corner Cineplex. But, even more important are our people. That’s what truly makes this humble place a home. We have an incredible cast of characters in our family, so won’t you cast your lot with us?

Now, to keep our home in tip-top shape and to keep the family together we have a few rules. Yeah, we know…it sucks, but that’s the way it has to be. First, the admins and moderators reserve the right to take whatever action they deem necessary. This includes editing and deleting of posts to banning users. Use some common sense and we’re sure you won’t have any troubles. Now, a few things are not allowed under any circumstances including illegal topics, blatant flames, racist remarks, sexist comments, pornography or links to porn, and anything else we find highly inappropriate.

We also have a few guidelines…these are more rule of thumb type things. Have some respect, go easy on the use of profanity, don’t use excessive upper case (SHOUTING!), keep you signature files to a reasonable length, and no post wars. We also have a chatroom, so if you find yourself posting back and forth with someone, you might want to consider taking the discussion to chat. That kind of thing.

Well, that’s about it. Welcome, have fun, and come back. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

Be kind but not false,
The Enchanted Quill

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So, what is "The War"?

The War is one part role-playing, one part cooperative story telling, one part general fantasy, and a whole lot of imagination parts. The War is basically an ongoing story written by members of the Enchanted Quill who assume the role of different characters in the story. The setting for this story is *SOMETHING*. The plot is determined by each of the Quill storytellers as they craft their piece of the story.

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