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Thread: Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

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    Default Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

    Guys! Guys! Are you watching the news? I am. For the first time in years, I'm getting super excited about watching World News Tonight!

    I love revolutions! They're scary, sure! And expensive, yes-Gas is insane here and I know it's way, WAY worse in Europe. But man, oh, man! It's so exciting to see people fighting for change and, like in Egypt, making that change actually coming about. Also, it's really exciting to see the news actually paying attention to it.

    So, go on...Discuss amongst yourselves.
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    Default Re: Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

    i want to discuss this. i really do. but i can't tonight. and i'm so busy with work, so i hope i'll have time to come back and discuss later.
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    Default Re: Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

    Well, the people in Egypt fought for change and apparently that's what they're going to get.

    Libya... is a mess and I'm thinking we 're seeing the end of Gadhafi. Too much has happened.
    The people on the streets waving their fists at heavily armed warships and fighterjets can't go home because there's no telling when they will be shot anyway, unless they keep on fighting and win.
    And the people carrying the heavy guns can't go home because they've murdered too many civilians to be safe ever again, unless they keep on fighting and win.
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    Default Re: Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

    I'll try to gather some thoughts on this. Meanwhile word just ticked in that Gadaffis forces has put down some 2000 people in the last couple of days. I try to wrap my head around how people can become so raving mad, but I'm struggling.
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    Default Re: Is anyone going to talk about Libya & Egypt?

    Interesting that on NPR yesterday someone brought up the comparison between Libya and Ivory Coast, and how the UN was willing to get involved in one, but has a policy of non-intervention for the other. (some of this might be in error, because I'm reporting the news second-hand without fact-checking it myself.) But Ivory Coast's principal export is cocoa. Libya's is oil. Surprise surprise.

    It would just be nice if someone would cite humanitarian reasons, and I could believe that's really what it was.
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