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Thread: General Original Poetry

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    Default Poem to Vishnu

    Treat me like a stranger and I will grow strange to you.
    The circle has flipped and what you expected of me is not what you see. I'm coming out the other side a brand new child.. The harbinger of tidal waves and destruction , the circle comes, I wield the weeping staff of Hermes, bound no longer as a snake is to the earth. Too long has wisdom kept silent while fools and pretenders usurped the song of eternity....

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    The grey grey sky
    Vortex swirling in my eye
    Remind of home
    The empty paged

    Fill in the blanks
    Wind lashed sail
    I've been capsized
    Lay down your reeds and run
    Into my soft eyes

    Light my way homeward
    With your hearth
    You of the stars
    Me of the earth
    We journey on as
    Life turns toward
    The endless dream
    I hear you, you have so much to say unsaid, it lets in a scream

    Lay down those reeds and run to
    My soft sheets
    Heartbeats in time
    Inside the warm hearth
    Ive been at sea, salt sprayed and weathered and your the last true love I'll ever

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    After midnight
    Something comes over me
    Something draws my heart to breaking

    I guess it?s the moon
    That starts me to swoon
    And fans flames of my pain in the making

    I wish that I loathed it
    I wish I would sleep
    Just shut it all off and succumb to the deep

    But my guiltiest pleasure
    My lustful endeavor
    Is to follow my passions and leap

    "...just an idle doodle in the margins of our minds ..."

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    Thousands of years built on a prism of my tears
    Kings and castles came and went
    All things, great and small
    Have come to disappear

    My spirit floats on the 4 winds, I ride the whale road
    Sirens and songs taunt my melancholy mind
    I see the bloated and bleached
    A story now untold

    I don't fear your hidden, sharp ,spikes
    I've been laying on a bed of nails
    You walked hand in hand with a fear stricken child
    Im headed for that siren song, with my wind- tattered, sails
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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    A maelstrom of words
    on a million pages
    And yet I miss the mark

    As a swirling vortex
    of color and mist
    Will still obscure the spark

    I can count every fear
    Every star in the sky
    Every tear in my eye
    Blinked away

    Yet what does it mean
    I have come and have seen
    The words on my tongue
    I can’t say

    A maelstrom of words
    on a million pages
    And still I miss the mark

    I search and I seek
    through the days and the weeks
    still not finding your face in the dark

    "...just an idle doodle in the margins of our minds ..."

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    Default Last Night

    At the center of things
    the heart lies heavy
    At the crossroad
    Dark dreams swirl around

    Exciting entrances, lure us in
    facades that deny egress
    Don't be fooled
    You're in the ganglion now

    Look again, see the tumulus
    see the shining in the snarl
    At the crossroad
    The juncture of representation

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    Will you hold me till I fall
    I failed to count the hour
    I lost my way and lost it all
    the sweetness turned to sour

    I lost my focus
    caught the breeze
    went tripping 'mid the flowers
    and now, too late,
    I missed the date
    Got soaked in summer showers

    "...just an idle doodle in the margins of our minds ..."

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    The universe is trying to kill me
    My brain is it's weapon
    Seeking comfort in
    The fuzzy memories of infancy
    Repeating these meaningless moments

    I can find no solace
    My mind, a powerful weapon
    Turned inward
    If there is no purpose to life
    We will whither
    Just an echo
    To fade forever
    As it leans into
    The eternal dark

    I'm dying to create
    An answer for my existence
    Hydrogen atoms fusing
    As we accelerate
    Heavy with doubt
    our core collapses

    The ghost flies free
    On the stellar winds
    The uncertainty of
    Our photonic guesses
    Will speed us on
    To a singular plan

    Meanwhile, another light
    Burns in the sky
    In the north
    Born full of power
    And cosmic circumstance
    The death/life cycle
    Of ?ons
    Dreams will bleed
    From the edges
    Of the plane


    The light travels
    Onward through time

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    Keep me in your Pocket

    I am with you, carry me through hell
    I am with you, take me to your heart
    Forever is a promise
    I will never let us part
    As you fall with the sands
    As you fall, as you stand
    As I wept, tears on my face
    Swept from my eyes
    Into your hand
    Into your hand
    You are with me, the voice in my mind
    You are with me, under a strange spell
    I can't break free
    I don't want to be
    As I fall with you, I hold your hand
    We may fall forever
    We may never understand
    I hope we fall together
    I pray we that we never
    Touch the ground again

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    The soul screams
    Wake me, wake me!!
    I'm in terror but when I escape,
    The lull is brief.
    Like secret lovers, in a hidden glade,
    Shared but soon forgotten.
    Another piece drops off,
    So I chase after unknown comfort.
    The memories awaken the dream
    of hidden things, deep within this terrified soul.

    - I must find a away out of my eternal dilemma.
    The world doesn't end, life won't end, I'm afraid it's not that easy my darlin',
    We must do what we must do.
    The old legend states- What has been and is, will cease to be.
    The soul screams, wake me from the end of this dream,
    Where shadows of mystery hide.
    There behind the ancient oak, in the thicket, you will find me.
    We will sleep there for eternity.

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    I have to reach you before you go
    Oh no
    Oh no
    Times up, sands in the glass
    Will flow
    I need to lay inside your voice
    When i cannot see
    Where i cannot be
    A sharp pain reminds me
    Reminds of what i cannot say
    To make you stay
    Don't let this fleeting moment go
    Go so
    Far away
    From me
    I have to teach you
    Something I don't know
    If I cannot see you, my love
    This is something I cannot show
    Words are halfwits
    As good as I sound
    I'm too lost to be found
    At the end of wires, junk and cables
    Underneath the ground
    Just go
    Cut me loose
    I am the fool
    One foot over the edge
    My neck in a noose
    I started at zero to find my trust
    One eye opening
    But i can't see the way
    I'm groping in the dark
    For a heart that
    Will always stay
    Say it one more time
    That my words ring true
    Talking to you, searching for
    A reason to continue
    My only refuge
    Your voice
    In my mind
    Through time
    Past future tense
    Nothing now has sense
    I am reaching to the sky
    In the pitch of dark
    Ignite the spark
    And watch the fire growin' high

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    Default The Sacrifice

    I hold my hand over your candle tonight
    I let it burn
    So I can learn
    I pay the price
    I make the sacrifice

    To let you heal, I let it go for you
    I made the choice
    I hear no voice
    I feel it fade away
    I see the end of play

    To the journey, to the dream
    I raise my hand
    So you understand
    The sacrifice in me
    The way to eternity

    I will lay down on this empty throne
    For I am no king, I am but a man
    Without a home
    I will make this promise to you and you alone
    Queen of the night, I burn for thee
    As the candle melts through, to bone
    So i can feel my friend
    Be real again
    I am reborn in the light
    Of my sacrifice

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    Someone stole my smile away
    I couldn't walk the mile, so i stayed.
    Weary, mis- wired and broken, i cried
    Then pulled myself to my feet again and i tried.

    And in the pitch of night
    When shadows hid my tears
    I released a silent scream
    And wiled away the years
    Somewhere i got lost along the way
    I find... I forgot who I was... when I stayed

    Frightened and forgotten
    I was hiding in the dark
    Misty- eyed and melancholy,
    afraid I lost my spark
    Somber silent screams
    wondering why and what it means
    Somewhere I got lost along the way...

    "...just an idle doodle in the margins of our minds ..."

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    The Bus Philosopher-

    If I was a bus philosopher, I would idle all the while

    As the people step up to get in my cabin, single file

    Wondering at the wanderings of the folks to and fro

    If I was a bus philosopher, I could tell you where to go

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    Default Re: General Original Poetry

    Don't you know ive always been terrified of you
    I saw a thing in you, little sparks of love for me
    Even way back then
    I felt a kinship, no...much more
    I needed you so bad my lover, more than
    my friend.
    I always knew what you were , i thought i could fix you, teach you to love me * the fool*
    I saw you cry for my pain, I knew a deep part of you could be awakened but i was scared, I felt your lack of humanity, empathy, conscience. I cried myself to sleep . I wanted to be like you, the others. I hurt people trying to be cool but i lost who i was, what a tragedy. I lost my power, for i am more than decent, i am an angel sent to this earth and I got lost darling. I can help you.

    Despite your lack of humanity, i felt a deep affection for me.
    I wanted you so, there was in an instant a soul bond , always bound
    To be a part of you
    I didn't know what I needed to grow, how to be, you see I had lost a great deal of my humanity.

    I doubted your ability to be true to me , so I kept myself alone
    The pain...
    You were always the one I needed
    I lived a life of of hell
    Oh how I died
    I felt I went to far to meet you halfway
    I wanted to know how to get back to me, the me you wished for .

    What have I brought out in you.
    What have I summoned in your soul .

    I see you now, I see, I feel your intensity.
    My love, my doll, you have me in a hold.
    I can't escape, like a dancer in the pit.
    I swing my arms and dare them to come get hit
    A scary man who looks like a hound from cu'Chulain.
    They fly and kick, they suffocate, I'll rip them all down.
    I get to air, i get to quench my thirst.
    No fear of death, i already died 1,000 times.
    I just want to live with you for an internal eternity, (a second, a minute).
    I know you've been waiting for an unknown quantity.
    I think we fit, I think I can show you to love another me, please let me, there is so much you can teach me as well.
    (Brain cracked, soul mad, and a teaspoon of my heart, heavier than the galaxy.) Expanding forever.


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