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Thread: General Original Poetry

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    [U]THE WANDERER[/U]- The Poem of a Dark Ages Warrior

    Kings and castles come and go
    They have all come to disappear
    As do all things, great and small
    Ending in terror and wailing with fear

    All fellowship has left me
    Their bones to feed the earth
    No ring giver to bestow honour and gold
    Empty halls bereft of laughter and silent mirth

    Now my spirit floats on the winds,
    I alone, ride the whale road
    What I've seen cannot be undone
    A story of hail, hardship and cold

    I don't fear your hidden, sharp ,crags
    In the green murk ,serpents teeth and nails
    I will walk hand in hand with wyrd to guide
    I move forward with fate, wind in my sails

    In search of a land fair and green
    I wander to the ends of the sea
    Someday I will find a new home and liege
    Until then I obey my will just to be

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    How's it going to be tonight, will I shake in fright , knowing you're not feeling me inside,
    No not anymore

    I just need you to understand, once you say, I'm your man, it won't matter how many times I weaken in your plans

    My heart connected to yours since I could tell, you couldn't feel love, your smile betrayed your hell

    And I fell
    For you
    For always

    How do I resurrect my shattered heart for your affinity
    I want so badly to believe you can heal me

    All I wanted was this new thing, what was left of your wild mind combined with this caring mom that could fuck and hear me cry

    This connection, always afraid
    This connection is torn and frayed
    Now I wait this new accounting , shaking with fright
    It's so easy to believe when you're holding me tight

    I again to blame
    Slipping on trying to fix my broken brain
    And waiting for when you break
    When all the wasted sentiment goes
    Down the drain

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    I pull a thread from the endless cycle
    Another mortal coil comes unbound
    I slowly panic at the loss of magick
    The drifiting possibilities stay unfound

    We felt so young,free and able to
    Dream of endless possibilities
    I tossed around, my body, brain and soul
    As I waited for you to see me

    I pull a thread from the endless cycle
    Now we watch it all come undone
    I cast my net for the ever, elusive you
    I cast my eyes to the one I found

    Come back around.
    Come back around.
    I'm waiting for you..just like the sun
    You will wait for me
    You will stay for me
    Your smiling eyes casting endless love

    Who was that for you on the phone
    oh, it's no one, no one at all
    How truthfully encapsulated it sounds
    To one who was truly long to fall

    Yet I will descend with grace
    I will fall with dignity
    This last slap in my face
    Will not take my humanity

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    You are my beautiful one.
    Whom I should have made my life's epitaph.
    But try as I might, a belief festered.
    That you held nothing inside, and would laugh.
    At all my endeavors and simple life's pleasures
    And wouldn't you have been even more beautiful in your mocking cruelty
    Looking down on me, so once proud and true
    I'd rather love and have lost, then never have loved one such as you
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    Once there was a time, we had something, light and love and laughter, fused lips, searching fingers.
    Threw the runes and looked for another chapter, we finished old business and created a new design,
    the story lingers.
    All it took was a little faerie dust and some belief, so much relief, you released my soul again, flying free to find the end
    I want to laugh with you, cry with you, be with you, love you.....
    My truest love, my greatest friend.
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    Where go now

    A million chances
    Swept out to sea
    Even though I know
    Even though I bleed
    I will hold out until someone comes for me
    I needed an angel and you can't trick Angels
    Cause they were taught about the devil, in the deep blue sea
    Everywhere I go, every I can see, even you broke free

    I could pull all my energy into making it
    Living in the world
    Believing every word, that was told to me
    We all make the the choice, to hide or speak clear, to the now and near
    Whether it was out of belief or fear.

    Entropy has gotten a hold in this locked down feeling, now my love is reeling away from the fold and growing cold

    What can I do but buy what was sold to me, in the end of certainty , this leaf shook the tree

    You're in in it now, you can't complain, you live like a sin
    You gotta deal with the pain
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    I'm tired of tuning into everyone's blind detection.
    Missing the plot, wondering who got in the last good shot.
    I wanted to give it all up, a massive overreaction.
    For what they tried to do....

    While we all ride the digital wave, turning
    On our own screw.

    It's very easy, when you believe 10 lies for every truth
    When the most honest lie the most.
    You might as well admit, in no holy spirit, in no holy ghost.

    See my face, see what you like
    To make a joke you'll
    Take away my sanity

    See the truth, see the lies.
    I'm tired of conceding to
    This sick society.

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    Perfect Love-

    Do you feel that you can truly love without trust?
    It sounds like an ultimatum impossible to
    Today, I escaped your second guessing , I guess
    Although everything changed and forced me to scream out why!?!

    Now the things I remember seem so distant
    Was this perfect love just a pact made by fools?
    I am in shock that hasn't really hit as hard,
    Like when the sorrow comes like a fountain from a pool

    It's like aborting a spiritual bond, the soul of youth
    Wretched, wrenching, recked and curling into a fetus
    How long have I been sleeping and weeping?
    I never thought this distance would finally ruin us

    I am grieving so that I can prepare for a future
    A week, a month or longer from now
    When that sweet voice doesn't come through the line
    Insanity beckons unless I accept it somehow

    I was just too late arriving into your arms it seems
    All the words have been spoken and the feelings spent
    I really never knew what I loved in you or you in me
    But all the dreaming to make it right overcame intent

    I'll never hear that sweetness like I did when your eyes told me in my heart's brief joy, that you truly loved me

    I don't want to throw it all away but how do I separate the feelings of desire and despair, of how it is to be?

    Wait a minute baby, there is something I need
    Hold the phone love, I need you so hard
    I needed your love, like a mother, a tongue on the breast
    Don't go, leave me in the dust, you're the only one I trust
    I love and trust you
    Please please.....

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    I was looking through your photographs and how you tried to give me visual recompense to my life of lonliness , but you look so forlorn, you don't smile for me and I can see that you are holding on to a fantasy
    Even though I could come through in the nick of time and fulfill you with a love that brought you a taste of humanity.

    Your just a woman
    I'm just a man
    We try, we fail but I never think you'll let go, but I know
    Everyone has to go when this gets redundant, show your hand or fold

    Now you don't know what to do or say, I try to convince you, it will be okay and that I'm still worth believing In
    You feel so hurt that I love drugs more than you, baby, don't you know, it's just a way I cope with pain, it has nothing to do with love, I wish I could show you the love I revel in.
    I do think my words have all been said, and you've grown so tired of my running against the wind
    I don't feel so much anymore but I know I want to win

    If you believe I've given up or you have no more hope
    I cannot fathom that, I truly believe you wouldn't leave me hanging on this rope
    Waiting to fall Into abyss
    That you could stop with just one kiss
    I won't ask for much, only this,
    Always hold a little hope for our perfect bliss


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